Ribose – Not Sure What This Does But Its Had a Lot of Money Spent On It

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I get a lot of pitch submissions and sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes with them, sometimes at them.

Some people are completely lacking in self awareness or an external view of how their product is perceived by potential users.

I take most of them seriously because this is someones baby, somewhere someone has spent a lot of time and effort and maybe I missed something or just didn’t understand it.

For the life of me I don’t really understand Ribose, I spent 10 minutes on the app and it looks like it has had a lot of money spent on it but aside from a slightly frustrating sign-up process I have no idea what to do with it now Im in.

The team is from Hong Kong but it looks like they are aiming at the US market which is probably a lesson in really understanding the market you are selling into.

It’s just not clear what problem is being solved or what the app wants to be when it grows up.

Collaboration is mentioned a lot but it’s not clear how it works. The website is no better at explaining the app than the pitch. After watching their video it’s a little clearer but still quiet fuzzy.

Note to all Startups: an explainer video is great but your website should be able to explain the story clearly without the explainer video, I generally don’t watch them.

I make these comments not to make fun of the entrepreneur but as genuine constructive feedback in the hope that they will solve some of the ambiguity around what problem they are trying to solve and how a user should aim to use the product.

The lesson for our readers is you need to be crystal clear about what problem you are solving, who you are solving it for and how you are solving it.

It can’t be everyone and it shouldn’t do everything.

Leave the bullshit bingo buzzwords for your corporate buddies.


Startup Name Ribose
What problem are you solving? Ribose is a cloud collaboration platform that offers world-class security and technology to everyone for free. The platform was built from scratch to focus on collaboration as a whole, instead of isolating teams and data in separate silos.In an increasingly globalized world, workforces are distributed but work towards a common goal. Ribose’s vision is to help these people work together productively, regardless of time or location.Ribose is a context-centric collaborative platform — one that arranges collaborative data naturally to the topic or activity, instead of bending data to suit the tool. In Ribose, once the user enters into a Space, everything shown including data and applications, serve only one purpose — to help users collaborate.Collaborations that are important require high security to protect their value. Most existing cloud collaboration software simply do not have the necessary security level to protect such projects. Given Ribose’s internationally recognized, pioneering work in cloud security, we are able to provide a high level of security to all users of the service.

As the world’s first cloud service provider certified to MTCS (Multi-Tier Cloud Security), STAR Attestation, STAR Certification (CCM 3.0.1) and C-STAR, Ribose has been consistently awarded the industry’s highest cloud security ratings year after year: including the highest security tier, Level 3, in MTCS and the highest maturity level, Gold, in STAR Certification.

What is your solution? Ribose is a cloud collaboration platform that makes working together easy and fun while protecting users’ data with the highest, internationally certified levels of security. We launched our newly updated, free-to-use platform in 2014, featuring a completely redesigned user experience and enhanced security.Created for the need to work with people across geographies and time zones, Ribose was developed to help people work together productively, regardless of time and place. The platform democratizes collaboration technology – previously only affordable to large enterprises and government organizations – by putting world-class security and technology into the hands of all users.Our platform is accessible anywhere, offers enterprise-level service dependability, and complies with international governance standards – giving users peace of mind to focus on their tasks at hand. Ribose provides all the benefits of an enterprise-class collaboration platform, with none of the associated infrastructure and costs.
Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Free: as in free.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Ronald Tse is the founder of Ribose, leading development of its secure and effective collaboration platform.Interested in solving real-world problems through computing, Ronald previously worked on distributed systems research at Brown University and MIT. He graduated from Brown University with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Biology, and a master’s degree in Computer Science.Ronald holds a number of technical certifications and currently serves on various standard committees of CalConnect, CSA and ISO.
Founders Names Ronald Tse
Website www.ribose.com
Twitter Handle @RiboseUS
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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