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by Ahtesham HashmiAug 20, 2015

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Startup NameManta Tools
What problem are you solving?Unmanageable enterprise BI environments with huge amounts of custom code, difficult to understand and costly when it comes to maintenance and further development. In many cases, the advantage of complex BI solution has become a burden.
What is your solution?Manta Tools optimizes your enterprise data flow. It reveals data lineage and helps to perform impact analyses and ensure the
stability of data architecture. Its implementation reduces human workload (up to 90%), accelerates development, mitigates risk of bad judgment calls and improves quality through automation.
Target MarketEnterprise BI & DWH
How will you make money?Selling the actual product (licenses) to enterprise customers (we did already – six banks, telcos and retail enterprises are using this and we have dozens of POCs running).
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?Based on currently supported platforms: 1.5k+ Teradata enterprise cus-tomers, 5k+ Informatica enterprise customers, 30k+ Oracle enterprise customers worldwide. In total estimated $10 billion market potential for Manta Tools so far and we have a full roadmap for years to come. More on the founders:
Founders NamesTomas Kratky
Founders EmailNA
What type of funding has the company received?Government Grants
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Twitter Handlemanta_tools
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