MathsRepublic – Learning Platform for Mathematics

by Mike88Aug 24, 2015

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Ed: Wish MathsRepublic was around when my son did the HSC

Startup NameMathsRepublic
What problem are you solving?Need for key learning pathways of mathematics globally integrating problem-based, project-based pedagogies with collaboration between students within schools, between schools and in different countries
What is your solution?MathsRepublic is a web-based resource which provides a collaborative learning resource for students of mathematics in Primary and Secondary schools and which can easily be aligned to current curriculum in any country.
Target MarketEducation. Primary and Secondary schools
How will you make money?Subscriptions
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?The absolute size of the market is the number of schools multiplied by the net subscription rate. Realistically it will be addressed country by country. Eg in Australia there are 9000 schools at $2000 a year net rate giving a $18m market. Founder Alan Power developed the concept from teaching and computing experiences plus observation and research. Great opportunity is predicated on belief that this pedagogy is unique and contemporary. It recognises the tech-integrated learning environment of today’s students and the need for transformation of learning.
Founders NamesAlan Power
What type of funding has the company received?Self Funded
Twitter Handle@mathsrepublic
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