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Startup Name Text Event Pics
What problem are you solving? We are bring privacy back to photo sharing, with the simplicity of a text message. Using text messaging to send pictures to a private photo gallery online, we bypass the hassle of unwanted \”friending\” on social media and remove the need to hashtag, email and physically connect to a computer just to share pictures with those who attend an event. Simplifying the host\’s effort in collecting, uploading and sharing pictures from their private event. We don’t ask for data permissions, like an App does, thereby protecting the privacy of the guest’s data and the privacy of their photos. By giving the host control of who can access the live slideshow and which pictures are published to the photo gallery, the group leader decides how much privacy is appropriate for their event.
What is your solution? TextEventPics is not an App. Using text messaging, the host of an event can ask all of the guests to text their pictures to their event specific phone number. Their special TextEventPics phone number is programmed to post the pictures live to the host’s online photo gallery and crowd-create a live slideshow of pictures. Only the guests of that event have access to the photo gallery. The host has control of who is on the guest list and each guests’ permission level to publish their pictures live or save them for moderation. Everyone has text messaging on their phone, but a not everyone is connected on all social media. This service bridges the gap to those who want to remain “offline”, but want to be included in picture sharing. Simply texting a picture to a special phone number is the easiest way to engage guests at an event and protect their data privacy.
Target Market Consumers hosting an event, Facebook page managers & bloggers wanting to extend their reach, build lists, engage user pictures via texting
How will you make money? Through Sale
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? I came up with the idea after my wife said we could not afford to put disposable cameras out at our wedding. Everybody, even my mom, takes pics on their phone & can text message. So while doing dishes it hit me, set up a special phone number, with a guest list (for privacy permissions) and ask everybody to text their pictures to that phone number.
Founders Names Ron
Founders Email NA
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Website www.texteventpics.com
Twitter Handle TextEventPics
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