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Startup Name Billboard Bazaar
What problem are you solving? We faced big issues with outdoor advertising while we tried to promote our own startup.

We came to USA and found same agent crisis and lack of openness for out-of-home industry here as well. Customers need to fill-in lengthy online forms and submit campaign RFPs to get the price details of any ad space.

We see a big opportunity making this OOH industry open and competitive. Billboard Bazaar will allow media sellers and buyers to sell and buy media ad spaces with informed decisions.

What is your solution? Recall the pre-internet era, when no Zillow or Airbnb was there. People used to contact agents for their real estate needs.

Can you imagine one industry that’s still operating with the same crises, even now?
And that is outdoor advertising industry, which still lack an open platform to Buy, Sell or Rent advertising space.

Billboard Bazaar is an cloud based open marketplace where sellers can list their ad space and buyers can directly connect with sellers to book that space. This will bring openness in Terms of market price, availability, geographic location and buyer-seller communication like we do on Zillow for properties.

Billboard Bazaar brings all media categories ranging from streets to airports, highways to aerial, under one roof and becomes one stop shop for media buyers and sellers.

As a result, our platform enables small business and startups to afford outdoor advertising for their branding and marketing as current market does not serve them well.

Target Market Businesses
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? We are two and connected to thousands. We have engineering background. We have over 14+ years of net experience working for Startups, Fortune 500 companies, US Federal and State Government. Took startups in just over two years from start to 4 million revenue. Diversified knowledge of multiple business domains, product development, product consulting, information security governance and risk management. We won National Robotic Challenge and authored reference engineering books.
Founders Names Amit Yadav
Twitter Handle @billboardbazaar
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