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Startup Name ARoglyph
What problem are you solving? ARoglyph is a platform that addresses several groups of different problems.
First of all, it\’s the problem of introverts and people with disabilities (such as autism spectrum disorders, hearing impairments) who have difficulties with socializing and making friends with people. Existing social networks don\’t solve this problem because to communicate effectively there you need to have offline friends and contacts, and this is what our target group doesn\’t have.
Next it\’s the problem of neighbors in large cities who don\’t know each other but have common interests such as maintenance of house surroundings and children playgrounds, garage sales etc.
For businesses it\’s important to expose their offerings to people nearby – either those who live in adjacent buildings or just passers-by.
City communities often have a need to mark places such as bus stops or touristic places and make them visible from farther than a few meters.
So there\’s a big demand in virtual marks which can be placed and then detected and read from the certain distance.
What is your solution? With ARoglyph you can place text notes, voice comments or pictures on the “virtual layer” of the world. The mark can be visible to everyone or only to chosen people or groups. Those who see the mark, can read, view or listen the mark and vote for or against it. They can also leave their comments to the mark, and comments in turn can be read by others. The mark can be shared to social networks if this is allowed by the author.
The mark is visible only within certain distance from the place where it was set (up to 1 km or 3000 feet at the moment). The distance is configurable by the mark author. Also the mark doesn\’t live forever – as per author decision the mark can be active for up to 90 days, unless there were positive votes for the mark, which increase the mark\’s life time.
To be notified, when new marks of interest can be viewed and listened, the user can set up alarms and specify alarm conditions that must be matched for the alarm to be triggered.
Target Market Individuals looking for new ways to contact people in real world. Businesses looking to reach people nearby.
How will you make money? Private users will be able to buy premium paid accounts and virtual goods (3D models for marks, perks). Businesses and communities will use commercial accounts, with which they will be able to place and manage commercial marks remotely. The platform itself will be licensed to infrastructure companies on vertical markets.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Existing social networks want to bring people to virtual worlds. Also they require that one has existing contacts/friends and desire to establish \”permanent\” connections with people in that virtual worlds. ARoglyph targets those people, who prefer staying in the real world and want to reach other (possibly unknown) people in an unobtrusive way – via messages (\”marks\”), left on the streets. Others can respond to those messages later. The unique combination of features, offered by ARoglyph, offers effective communication between people who live, work or rest nearby.
Founders Names Eugene Mayevski, Maxim Ronshin
Founders Email NA
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Self Funded

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