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What problem are you solving? In the digital era, the world of communication and advertisement has changed.

The media have been democratized. It is no longer a world controlled by a few powerful conglomerates, but one in which independent platforms play a major role. Bottom-up content providers, established by the people and for the people, well aware of trends and needs of the audience, manage to compete as equals with well-established traditional services.

The audience is complex and progressively demanding: readers are intelligent, well informed, and active; they have a wide array of fields of interest and use a variety of devices and channels to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

Content is changing in accordance: competition is bitter, and content must be informative, intellectually satisfying, interesting, and of good quality, otherwise it will be cruelly ignored. In the age of social, content must also be engaging, conversational, educational.

At Boost the News we appreciate good content. Content that is compelling, appealing, challenging – content that treats the audience with the respect it deserves. We believe that quality content merits a place of honor online, and should be spread around the web and made available to the people. This is our mission – promote quality content and replace banal advertisement with significant information and engaging discussions.

Our mission is not only a matter of professional ethics. It is a key to success. Advertising online is becoming increasingly difficult these days: users are indifferent to traditional ad formats, and the effectiveness of traditional advertisement is decreasing. Technology allows advertisers to reach an unprecedentedly relevant audience of potential customers, but the content of the message must stand up to readers’ high expectations in order to win their attention. Businesses have already learned that the future belongs to content marketing, and invest an incredible amount of effort on improving the image of their brands through quality content and influencer marketing.

Enter Boost the News.

Boost the News enables brands to improve and enrich their online marketing campaigns by promoting quality content from third parties directly to targeted audiences. Imagine your brand is mentioned in an interesting piece of content on the Internet, be it a review, a news article, or a professional blog entry. It is pure, high-quality PR material, so why not promote it?

With Boost the News, everybody wins: brands get more product visibility, publishers increase website traffic and monetize content, and the audience gets more inspiring texts and news instead of boring ads.

What is your solution? Boost the News is a content retargeting platform that enables publishers and brands to cooperate in promoting content. Publishers share their articles with relevant brands using the Boost the News platform. Brands then have the possibility to promote the articles through retargeted online ads.Boost the News has unique features for two main types of users:

Online publishers come to Boost the News for a new tool to increase traffic and monetize content. They receive a platform that enables them to share their articles with relevant brands (for example, brands that are mentioned in a given article), who then promote the articles.

Through this cooperation with brands, publishers increase their website traffic and ensure their articles are read by as many people as possible. They also monetize content, as for every promoted article they gain revenues.

Brands, on the other hand, see in Boost the News an opportunity to increase the readership of their branded content. They get a platform that enables them to receive articles from publishers, launch retargeted online ad campaign according to the desired duration and budget, and monitor and measure the performance of the ads.

This way, they get more brand visibility and make sure that articles about their brand do not pass unnoticed. They enhance the efficiency of their content marketing efforts with the accuracy of retargeted ads.

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