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Startup Name HR Partner
What problem are you solving? HR Partner will assist with an often neglected part of building a business – the care and management of your employees. Many mid sized companies do not have a full time HR manager, or ask their Payroll team to act as HR as well. HR Partner has been designed for just such a case. Teams that do not have a dedicated HR manager can distribute HR tasks across the existing management structure.Additionally, external HR consultants can become a part of your team and work with your staff just as easily. Your employees themselves can take on some of the burden of updating information by keeping their own information up to date via their employee portal.
What is your solution? HR Partner is a beautifully designed, easy to use Human Resource management tool for small to medium businesses. It enables you to track and keep all sorts of employment related information against each of your employees, including training, education, absences, company assets on loan, general notes, performance reviews, skills, and many others.Reminders and notifications keeps you up to date and on top of recurrences and follow ups. Never lose track of a promotion or review again. The system also allows you to upload attachment against all entries, so you can attach a scanned copy of a sick certificate to an absence entry, for instance.

HR Partner also contains an online library that is accessible by your staff, which can contain procedure manuals, employee handbooks and any other documentation that your team needs. Full departmental security means that team or department managers can only see their own staff members and interact with them.

You can also communicate more effectively with your team by sending out email or SMS notifications to selected groups. Powerful reporting and an API also means that you can extract information from HR Partner and incorporate your data in third party databases or tools.

HR Partner also includes an employee portal, where your team members can update their own contact information, keep up to date with company news, vote in company polls, and apply for leave with full \’round trip\’ approval.

We also are building integration with popular payroll systems in order to reduce \’double entry\’. At the moment we support Xero and Attache Payroll, but building more integrations in the coming months.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? FREE for 10 employees or less, 25 employees $49/mo, 50 employees $95/mo, 75 employees $139/mo, 100 employees $179/mo, Custom pricing for > 100 employees.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The founder of the company is Devan Sabaratnam, a programmer by background, who has had over 30 years experience in developing bespoke software solutions for small and medium businesses. His decades of experience in this industry has given him a unique perspective and the requisite skills to solve common business problems using a software solution.Having run his own businesses, and assisted thousands of other businesses with their accounting, payroll and management issues, he has a well rounded insight into what makes a strong business, and is excited about helping others build on that strength and longevity.
Founders Names Devan Sabaratnam
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? NA
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Twitter Handle @HRPartnerApp
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