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Startup Name GrowBuddy
What problem are you solving? The legal cannabis industry is publicly struggling with banking and legitimacy, but internally it is struggling with product quality and consistency. While cannabis is a weed and will grow most anywhere, growing good weed is quite difficult. The frustrations of growers with failed crops is prevalent and good information is extremely difficult to come by.
What is your solution? We\’ve create a mobile and desktop app that helps cannabis growers produce better, safer and more consistent plants through analytics that create insight into their garden practices.
We are the only precision agriculture platform for cannabis gardens. Think, \”Google Analytics for cannabis cultivation.\” Our proprietary mobile SaaS solution helps growers improve quality and consistency by creating insight so they make informed decisions. Our anonymous and secure app collects cultivation data and actual garden product use to provide the best cause and effect analysis.
Target Market Cannabis cultivators
How will you make money? We just launched our Marketplace that generates revenue through our affiliate partnerships with hydroponics retailers. We also launched a one of a kind Q&A forum for cultivators that generates revenue through advertising and affiliates. In Q3 2016, we will launch our upgrade subscriptions in our mobile apps.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The US MJ Market: 53M – 66M
2.4M people admit in a survey they grow marijuana (3.6-9% of consumers grow)*
Based on average annual garden spend, this is a $5.76B market in the US.* National Survey of Drug Use and Health 2013
** Global Drug Survey 2014

Rob Rusher (CEO) has multiple successful startups and 20 years in the software industry.
Daniel Starbuck (CTO) has worked with Rob for 10 years building enterprise software.
David Standard (COO) has several years of cannabis cultivation and cannabis industry experience.
Tim Delight (CMO) has several years of cannabis cultivation with a background in horticulture.

We are consistently profiled in Inc, Newsweek, SF Chronicle, BBC, etc. as a cannabis startup to watch. We have acquired over 11,000 users in less than a year, making GrowBuddy the largest cannabis cultivation software in the world.

Founders Names Daniel Starbuck, Tim Delight, David Standard, Rob Rusher
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
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Twitter Handle GrowBuddyApp
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