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Startup NameNewsBeat Social
What problem are you solving?Today, not only are we constantly on the go but the world seems to be changing more quickly than we can keep up with. Despite this, we all feel the need to stay informed of the events and topics that shape our world.

By delivering 1-minute video news reports to social media channels, NewsBeat Social ensures that today’s fast-paced, socially-connected audiences have access to news coverage that concisely provides key elements from global news reports so they can stay informed and on the go.

What is your solution?NewsBeat Social is a video-first news agency gathering coverage from around the world and delivering premium, objective 1-minute news reports across social media. NewsBeat Social’s original news reports cover politics, business, science, technology, nature, entertainment, culture and health. In three years, NewsBeat Social attracted over 2.8 million fans on Facebook and its reports have been viewed over 423 million times.
Target MarketConsumers
How will you make money?Free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?NewsBeat Social was founded by entrepreneur Stanley Fields in 2013. It’s currently led by Mr. Fields and President Geoff Campbell, a former digital media executive at DISH Network and Sony who also previously worked at Boston Consulting Group. The company’s leadership team includes CMO Mary Nickerson, a former national marketing manager at Toyota, where she worked on marketing for Prius; and COO and co-founder Tyler Peterson, who previous founded and led Pod27, a mobile tool for film production.
Founders NamesAshley R
Twitter Handle@NewsBeatSocial
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job