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Startup Name Actions s.r.l.
What problem are you solving? The basic paradigm of traditional desktop computing hasn’t much evolved in the last 30 years. Meanwhile, the quality and quantity of activities we expect to be performed on computers has changed and increased dramatically. The introduction of GUIs to personal computing was a perfect solution for allowing people in the 80s, who had never used or perhaps not even seen a computer, to be able to interact with these machines. Apple introduced the GUI in order to make “the computer for the rest of us” when “us” meant the people in the 80s, who had never seen or used a computer. Now “us” refers to those of us who have grown up with computers and mobile devices, including tech-savvy professional from all fields. However, they still suffer from the limitations of excessively mediated techniques developed for a different world and necessities.We believe that now is the time to rethink the experience of desktop computing with a focus on productivity and flow.
What is your solution? Quadro turns your iOS device into a customizable control center for computer applications.Lead using touches instead of dragging your mouse around and getting lost in menubars. Set the stage for a smooth workflow, customising the function and look of any command to your requirements.

Automate repetitive tasks and create cross-application and cross-platform macros with ease, so as to let the computer work on your behalf. Isn’t this what they are meant to do?

Working with Quadro shortens the gap between the formation of an idea and its implementation, improving flow and focus for any professional user

Target Market creatives, consumers, designers, tech-savvy, digital natives, desktop users
How will you make money? Through Sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Cristiano Troffei, co-founder and inventor of Quadro, started his journey in IT at the very early age of 13, fixing computers after school for 5 bucks per hour.

Endeared by arts, he then specialized in design studies, with conscious detours in the code world, and a masters degree in audio engineering and music composition. His mixed-media career and interests, merged with a visceral love for technology, brought him face to face with an incredible amount of application from all categories of software, deepening his understanding of the inner workings of digital product design and the relationship between organic hardware (people) and digital software.

Enrico Cirone’s differently started nurturing his love for graphic and design, frequenting his father’s lithography, where he started interacting with Mac computers at a very early age. Methodical and passionate, he always took the extra-mile to improve his technique, and, like Cristiano, is always self-teaching on a vast number of topics.

They met as kids in design school and have been best friends since then. Before founding Actions s.r.l, they ran a digital design firm for 7 years.

Founders Names Cristiano Troffei
Twitter Handle @quadroapp
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