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Startup Name YoGrow
What problem are you solving? ECommerce is the fastest growing retail market. This is a worldwide phenomenon. ECommerce is growing and as the technological barriers are lowered the market for small to medium sized businesses increases. YoGrow helps companies grow by helping them achieve their goals. If they need help to get there, our integrated marketplace connects them and lets them track their performance and return on investment.

The market is ripe for disruption. Other marketplaces have been flooded with poor quality marketers. The majority of e-commerce store owners have had negative experiences with hiring experts. They have been sold the snake oil. As a consequence, many e-commerce stores do not grow.

Seeing the growth pains e-commerce stores have and working with them to help them informed the initial MVP, based on a dynamic spreadsheet. It’s from these simple beginnings the SaaS tool YoGrow was developed. We saw demonstrable results of stores finding experts, tracking their performance and growing.

What is your solution? YoGrow is a growth accelerator for e-commerce sites. We help store owners understand their data, set targets and find experts that can grow their revenue. Forget the data overload of other analytics packages and clumsy spreadsheets. Our monthly service makes it simple and effective to grow your business.Set targets for your key e-commerce metrics and track performance. We show live updates from our one-click Google Analytics integration.

Need to hire help to grow? Find an e-commerce expert from our hand-curated directory. Get realistic proposals within YoGrow. Pay and measure success all in one place. Get proposals based on your store data with growth built in.

Once you’ve settled on a proposal, pay within YoGrow and measure the experts performance. Because we capture revenue growth and cost, we can provide a live update on your return on investment. Forget vanity metrics and make sure you are always getting a positive ROI.

Get realistic proposals that deliver. Cut to the chase. Save time. Don’t grow your data, grow your business.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Free trial then $19 per month
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Elliot Taylor is the founder of YoGrow. He is based our of ‘Silicon Beach’, the emerging tech hub in Brighton, UK. This year he was accepted on the Entrepreneurial Spark business accelerator.Prior to creating YoGrow, Elliot ran an e-commerce agency for 5 years. He became a recognised and active member of the WordPress and WooCommerce community. He has spoken at WordCamps, co-organised conferences and meetups across the UK. Prior to starting his agency he worked as e-commerce manager at a number of UK online retailers.

This hands-on experience with e-commerce of all shapes and sizes has informed the decision to create YoGrow.

Founders Names Elliot Taylor
Website https://yogrow.co
Twitter Handle @raisonco
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