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Startup Name Gel
What problem are you solving? Our objective is to create a platform that simplifies connecting with your friends on all of their social platforms. Gel is a product that cuts down on the time it takes to do this as well as making it seamless. How many of your friend\’s have social accounts where their username on Facebook is different than it is on Twitter or Instagram? How many times do you realize you are not following one of your close friends on Tumblr or Snapchat because you didn\’t have their username and just haven\’t had the time to search for it? Gel brings all of this in one place to make it easy to find and connect with that individual. Gel is simple and we always plan to keep it that way.
What is your solution? Currently whenever you make a new connection with someone – whether in real life or virtually – you have to track him or her down and find out if they are on a particular social network. Gel\’s goal is to simplify this process and we do this through two component. The first is our custom keyboard that enables quick and customized sharing of your social information. Second, is a unified web repository for all of your social accounts, which instantly lets anyone on any device view your information and connect with you across your shared social networks.Once downloaded, open Gel and connect the social profiles of your choosing. Enable our keyboard by going through the 6 easy, one-time steps outlined on the bottom of app. That’s it!

When you are doing anything from texting to tweeting, open our keyboard by holding down the globe icon on your existing keyboard and choose the profiles you want to share. By clicking the “Share” button, a user friendly URL is created that you can paste anywhere. Send in a text, an email or a social post. When someone clicks that link, they are then redirected to a web page where they can view and connect with the social accounts you have chosen to share with them.

In the coming months you can expect even more ways to connect with friends but one thing we will always stay true to is simplicity. All of us at Gel are devoted to continually making connecting faster and more seamless.

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? David and Samantha Wolfson are a sister-brother duo that grew up rights outside of Philadelphia, PA. They both have had a passion of tech and media from a young age and have brought those passions together to create Gel. David, a 19 year old student at Colgate University, has wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age. Joining DECA when he was 15, he pitched his idea of Gel to the council which won 1st place in Pennsylvania and was Top 10 nationwide. Samantha, a 24 year old graduate of New York University, studied Media and Communication while at school and understand the in\’s and out\’s of all different social platforms. That is why when David came to her with this idea, she knew they had to make it a reality. Together they devised a plan, brought on a small team and began to work. Two years later, Gel has launched in the Apple App store and is starting to gain more traction day by day. The keyboard and web repository are just the first steps in simplifying connections. A new, even simpler version of Gel will be launching in the coming months to help connecting become more seamless.
Founders Names Samantha Wolfson
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle @thegelapp
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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