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Startup Name MyBusiness CRM
What problem are you solving? Our product will help small to medium businesses to manage better, thus being more profitable. Why: (1) your clients will be surly taken care of and none of them could be missed, (2) you will be able to track clients purchases and buys and through that analyze their taste and preferences in order to increase sales rates, (3) raising the effectiveness and productivity of your employees by in-office features to share documents and client\’s ticket process in order to avoid loss of information and time.
What is your solution? Mybusiness provides cutting edge, cloud based CRM.Created by a veteran team of SaaS experts from the CRM software arena, the MyBusiness offering is geared towards businesses looking for solutions at the highest level. Our top-tier customer-base includes clients from broad ranging branches of commerce, including industry, services and hi-tech
The MyBusiness system was designed with an emphasis on rapid performance, air-tight data security and an advanced, yet user-friendly web UI. Providing a winning combination of CRM and Call center colutions, MyBusiness’ comprehensive toolkit offers total control over a client’s operation. Highly flexible and intuitive, our turnkey solution can be tailored by every enterprise to suit its individual requirements. Accessible in seconds, at any time, from anywhere, the MyBusiness Software as a Service CRM comes with no additional costs for upgrades interfaces, servers, or hardware. MyBusiness provides vital business insights designed to maximize the profitability of any operation, supplying in-depth data on current clients, potential leads, competitors, sales forecasts, contacts, services, products, marketing campaigns, contracts, work hours and project progress.
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How will you make money? Free trial for 14 days and afterwards the pricing changes according to client\’s needs
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Founders Names Shlomi Stein
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