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Startup Name 360 Spark
What problem are you solving? Although this is not actually a recruiting app, if you\’ve ever been let down by the hiring process as a hirer or an interviewee, then you\’ll understand why this is important.Today, if you are amazingly good at getting results in a certain field, there is no guarantee anyone will know about it. You have to become a master at self-marketing to get the word out. Go make lots of social profiles and write a blog.

So what happens if you are the worlds best aardvark wrangler, but your boss is a jerk and wants to keep you, so you never get exposure, and you don\’t know how to do it yourself. Also, what are the skills that make an amazing aardvark wrangler? There are some definable hard skills such as knot tying and lasso throwing. But how do you measure determination, a calming demeanor that lulls aardvarks into a sense of security, and a cheeky knack for judging the right time to pounce. What tests can you take to prove this? What university should you have gone to? It\’s all a bit murky.

So, as a recruiter or hiring manager I can go to LinkedIn, I can search for people with

What is your solution? 360 Spark provides personal development insight by providing custom 360 reports for business leaders around the world. This insight can be used individually for self improvement and on a company-wide basis to better understand what sets their best people apart. In this way we help talent and opportunity better find and match each other like never before.We collect unstructured data through the most natural and effective of feedback processes: the simple conversation. We analyze the data using human experts and machine learning to provide deep insight that surpasses the sum of its parts. The process is high touch (we actually call everyone in person), risk free, and enjoyable.

Our customers are business leaders, professionals, and high fliers looking for insight. Customers get 10 questions, 10 respondents, and a 15 page hand-written report.

Our business has sprung from a decade of manually providing feedback to the world\’s best executives, and our passion to provide massive amounts of insight to improve the world.

Most organizations have some kind of 360 process, where an individual receives feedback from their manager, their peers, and those they manage. But these systems are stuck in the 1980s: survey based with a small amount of text that leave respondents exposed and recipients bewildered. We are using the latest technology to rapidly update the model and provide the next level of leadership data, and meaningful data that will help individuals, HR, leaders, recruiters, and the world.

We\’re building a leadership AI.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Flat fee $1,999 per report, no questions full satisfaction guarantee
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The company has been founded by James Greaves and Hans Schulte.James is a serial entrepreneur who grew up in London, England, studied at Brigham Young University in the US, and after working in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Australia, London, and across the US, now lives next to Zion\’s national park in southern Utah. He has an MBA in Finance, an undergraduate in Communications, and taught himself to code because he loves it. He has worked as a television producer, managing editor of a newspaper, CEO of several other tech startups, management consultant, and executive coach. For his sins he enjoys crossfit and raising his hoard of children.

Hans Schulte is a South African of German descent living in New Zealand. His impressive career has taken him all over the world as an entrepreneur in aviation, petroleum, mining, and in communications networks in developing countries. Most recently he has spent his time as an executive coach and consultant working with some of the fastest growing companies on the planet. He holds an MBA from the University of Aukland and is currently working on his PhD. His two favorite vehicles are his paddle board and his BMW motorcycle. He\’s also a trained yogi. He competed in the Cape Epic, which is no mean feat (seriously, Google it.)

Founders Names James Greaves
Founders Email NA
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Website www.360spark.com
Twitter Handle @360Spark
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