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Startup Name ZEFO
What problem are you solving? ZEFO takes the complicated world of SEO and makes it simpler and more accessible without compromising on quality or features. We aspire to eliminate redundant, repetitive work and create order in a field that is naturally prone to chaos. Our tools will help you make the right decisions, based on knowledge and understanding rather than assumption or educated guessing.

The digital marketing field has always required precise monitoring instruments for its range of marketing and website promotion activities. ZEFO triggered a revolution by introducing the online world with a software program that facilitates these operations, as well as turning these previously vague areas in the online world into measurable and accurate data. Marketing and specifically SEO, are generally considered areas that defy measurement or precise control – almost an alchemy. ZEFO turns this alchemy into chemistry, presenting digital marketers with a clear picture of SEO and the steps that are needed to be taken.

ZEFO collects data from over 20 different data sources: search results, Google Analytics, online websites, in addition to many other resources, and composes integrated reports from the various sources of information it employs, thus eliminating the need for additional tools.
With all the information in one place, ZEFO allows its users to easily manage an SEO project instead of being managed by it.

To effectively respond to the ongoing competitive challenges in the digital marketing world, ZEFO also provides integrated business intelligence tools that facilitate competitor identification and monitoring. In a competitive world, it’s not enough to be good – excellence demands knowledge of your competitor’s marketing strategies.

What is your solution? ZEFO is an advanced software program offering exclusive tools for online marketing. The system was developed in 2011 and has been used as a professional tool by SEOs and digital marketing specialists ever since. ZEFO monitors and manages the entire SEO process – offering search engine and website monitoring, rank tracking and competitor analysis, link building, generating smart action items, and many additional features.
Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Starting as low as $38/mo. Pricing depends on usage
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? ZEFO was founded by Nir Adar, a Technion IIT graduate in software engineering. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in online environments and SEO, Adar is considered to be one of the pioneers of the online industry, and the product’s development has evolved from his understanding of the growing necessity for tools that assist in the field.Nir has been living and breathing programming since early childhood – he started coding in Basic at the age of 4 and hasn’t stopped since. Nir’s been immersed in the world of the internet since its early days, and has been regularly writing and publishing articles in the fields of information security and computer programming since 1997 to date.
Founders Names Nir Adar
Founders Email NA
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Website www.zefo.com
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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