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Startup Name Suggestic
What problem are you solving? Type 2 diabetes is a problem that will soon affect over a billion people and although for many, it is completely reversible (contrary to popular belief), we are all different and there is no one size fits all intervention that can do the trick.As with many other chronic conditions, dealing with type 2 diabetes might look simple on the outside but it comprises a rather complex set of processes and systems that interact with each other. Since it’s simply impossible for a human to make sense of all the data involved in those process, we end up using “best practices” that are based on solutions that supposedly work for \”most people\”.

The problem is that averages-based solutions are not effective for everyone. All of us are unique individuals and need our treatments to be tailored specifically to our metabolism, genetics, microbiome, psychology, preferences and so much more. That is where machine learning can have a big impact. At Suggestic, we try to take into account all those factors in not only building the initial lifestyle program towards type 2 diabetes reversal, but also while continuously evolving it as we adjust and improve the user\’s plan.

Type 2 diabetes is a personal fight for us and we believe that the fundamental elements for a real solution are already out there, it is just a matter of finding them and putting them together. That is Suggestic.

What is your solution? Our Lifestyle GPS app works as a personal assistant to help people with diabetes navigate towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether the user needs suggestions on where and what to eat, snack or cook, or have questions about physical activity, Suggestic is always present to answer those questions and guide the person to make small habit changing choices, one decision at a time.Based on principles of precision medicine, we have developed a multi-layer personalization system that we apply on top of existing evidence-based lifestyle interventions. To provide the interventions that will prove most effective for each person.
Target Market type 2 diabetics, diabetes, healthcare, digital health
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? We are a passionate team of 10 entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and designers from five nationalities, which speak seven languages and work from two different countries.Victor Chapela, CEO & Co-Founder. Ex pre-diabetic. Entrepreneur with expertise in AI, machine learning, risk modelling, and information security. Founded six technology companies. Last company, Sm4rt Predictive (AI for credit card fraud prevention), sold to a bank consortium led by Citibank.

Shai Rosen, CMO & Co-Founder. Biotechnology drop out turned engineer. Growth hacker and product builder.

Mitch Shapiro, COO & Co-Founder. Serial Entrepreneur, previously co-founder of Nexxo Financial, acquired by MoneyGram.

Founders Names Shai Rozen
Founders Email NA
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