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Startup Name ProfitWell
What problem are you solving? SaaS companies who want to make more money by identifying the problem in their areas in their business need ProfitWell to make sure they have constant, 100% accurate access to their financial metrics.
What is your solution? ##What\’s the product?##
ProfitWell provides subscription and SaaS metrics that are 100% accurate and absolutely free. Sign up takes 1-click, giving you access to your monthly recurring revenue, churn, lifetime value, and all of your other necessary subscription financial metrics. Integrates with Stripe, Braintree, Zuora, Chargebee, Chargify, Recurly, and others with the ProfitWell API.Features and metrics include MRR growth charts, Cohorts, Churn reports, Cash flow reports, etc.

##What does it help users do?##

We\’ve seen inside more subscription businesses than anyone else on the planet. We\’ve infused those learnings into ProfitWell to help you grow. ProfitWell\’s in-depth financial metrics to track your growth, understand your churn, and uncover where to optimize. ProfitWell includes unlimited users and an alert system that wasn\’t an afterthought to ensure everyone on your team knows the pulse of your growth.

*Accuracy above all else*
Every ProfitWell account goes through a 113 point QA inspection. If we find any accuracy anomalies, we drop everything to close the gap.

*Not just graphs. Actionable analysis.*
Laundry lists of numbers and graphs don\’t help you. We curate your metrics to tell you where to optimize.

*Daily progress emails. Unlimited users.*
Companies with more team members connected to their financials grow quicker. Daily progress emails (with an average open rate of 70%+) and unlimited users keeps everyone connected to the data that matters.

*Revenue early warning system*
ProfitWell alerts you when large fluctuations occur in your revenue, pointing you to customers that churn or cancel so you can act quickly.

*Growth Metrics*
Monthly recurring revenue, upgrades, ARPU, LTV, and all you need to track your growth.

*Retention Metrics*
User and revenue cohorts, churn, downgrades, and all you need to see where revenue\’s leaking.

*All Edge Cases*
We\’ve handled edge cases for currency, discounts, refunds, time zones, and 334 other scenarios.

##Who is the customer?##

**Founders & CEOs*
**Heads of Marketing, Product, or Finance**

**Heads of Finance**
**Heads of Marketing, Product, or Finance**

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Free with Paid add-ons; Enterprise packaging, as well
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? **Patrick Campbell (CEO/Co-Founder):** Patrick Campbell is the Co-founder and CEO of Price Intelligently, the team and software behind some of the biggest and best SaaS pricing strategies out there from companies like New Relic and Autodesk to Wistia and Litmus. PI is also the maker of ProfitWell, which is free SaaS financial metrics for Stripe that simply requires a 2 minute signup. Prior to Price Intelligently Patrick lead Strategic Initiatives for Boston based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the NSA. He’s a millennial from Jackson, Wisconsin with degrees from Bradley University in Political Economy and Rhetorical Studies.Aaron White (Co-Founder/Board Member): Former CTO of Boundless (acquired in \’15, VP at Venrock)

Christopher O\’Donnell (Co-Founder/Board Member): VP of Product @HubSpot, came in through the Performable acquisition.

Founders Names Patrick Campbell
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received?  


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Twitter Handle @PriceIntel
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