Kookaborrow – Share and Hire in your Local Area

by Mike88Mar 3, 2017

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Startup Name: Kookaborrow

Ed: As with most of these peer to peer businesses, building the app is the easy bit, actually getting enough people to download it, use it and actually complete a transaction is the challenge. Most successful new marketplaces (and therefore the only ones you hear about) in recent history have resorted to all manner of nefarious behaviour including faking users and inventory and comments/posts, manually processing transactions and using other more successful sites to poach users. I make no judgement on this except to say that they survived and most others didn’t.
What is it? A mobile application connecting users looking for a items in their local area with users who are willing to hire the item at a price they set.

Find everything from cars to electronics and tools. With new users and products available everyday.
All payments are processed through the app via stripe.

Target Market: Male and female aged 18-46

How will you make money? Kookaborrow will take a 5% transaction fee through the rental process.
Capital Raised? 50-100k
CEO: Steven Cluney

Website: http://www.kookaborrow.com.au

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