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Startup Name: fotonVR

Tagline: Virtual Reality in Education

Elevator Pitch: Foton VR focuses on creating immersive and engaging educational experiences using virtual reality (VR) to enhance learning for school students. The company provides VR education in various subjects, especially featuring the world’s largest library in science-related topics. With the help of 360-degree 3D high-quality graphics, students can understand challenging scientific concepts in a simpler and more memorable way. Foton VR can create content in multiple languages and customise it based on school needs.. by using virtual reality in education, Foton VR bridges the gap between what students imagine in the classroom and real-life experiences, by offering a unique and effective learning platform.

Foton VR is a startup based Company located in Patan, operating as a subsidiary of Kachhua Solution Private Limited. The company provides virtual reality-based education solutions to schools. Foton VR Company has received recognition and awards for its innovations, both from the Gujarat state government and the Indian government. Some notable awards include the “National Award by National Conference on E-Governance, 2020, Government of India,” “Leaders of Tomorrow by ET NOW,” “Silver Award by NCEG,” and recognition as one of the “100 Top Startups.” Additionally, the company has been acknowledged as the “Best City Startup of the State” among other accolades. This recognition highlights the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of virtual reality-based education.Due to its excellent technological innovation, Foton VR has achieved a global presence, across countries such as Russia, Korea, Poland, Qatar, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, France, and various others.

Target Market: Schools

How will you make money?: Providing VR Lab Solutions

How much capital have you raised?: 100-250k

Founder(s) Name: Vijaykumar Thakkar


Twitter: @fotonvr

City/Country: Patan, Gujarat, India

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