Hops: Learns what beer you like and finds new ones you’ll love – Cool #Startups

What can I say, you had me at Beer

Given the proliferation of craft beer in most Western countries finding the sorts of beer you like requires a lot of experimentation, whilst this is part of the fun, its probably better if you know the type of beer you do and don’t like and using something like the Hops app to find great examples of this.


When I was in San Francisco recently it surprised me how far craft brewing had come since I was there only a few years back, every bar we went into had at least 4-5 craft brews. By the end of it I was so over India Pale Ales, everything was so overhopped, would have loved a great european lager.

So Im thinking this App will appeal to those beer fanatics and will probably develop a loyal following.

Here is the blurb from the Hops Itunes App page.

Beer is subjective. Tastes vary. Hops isn’t about finding the beer that everyone likes, its about finding the beers that you’ll love. Through a simple, elegant interface, Hops allows you to rate the beers you know and any new beers you try. Hops then curates a unique set of beer suggestions based specifically on your preferences. These suggestions will vary depending on your location and will become increasingly accurate the more you rate,