Martin Jetpack

The Martin Jetpack – The Jetsons are alive and flying in New Zealand

Martin Jetpack - Credit

Martin Jetpack – Credit

New Zealand is not normally known for its advanced aviation industry, however super hero Glenn Martin has managed to build a prototype of a Jetpack and has managed to get the NZ Government to approve manned test flights.

The company is accepting $5000 deposits for the craft, with an expected price of $100,000 (there is question about the final price)

This is a great way to customer-strap your business by getting your customers to help fund the development process.

I admire a guy who can bring together a project like this. You can imagine the naysayers who probably felt he was crazy, he probably spent every dollar he had on getting this to market and I hope it is a wild success for him.

This is the sort of guy that Startup88 loves 🙂

Martin-Jetpack-three-quarters Martin Jetpack - Pilot





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