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Bootstrapped maker Foreflight.com has managed to get US Airforce and numerous other companies using its $150 per month service.

The & app overlays real time weather, changes in airports and other flight time information which was previously impossible only a few years ago when pilots had to use paper maps.

Apparently large aircraft still regularly land at the wrong and do all sorts of things which you would think wouldn’t happen, but supposedly many airports look similar from 10,000 feet and the Earth’s magnetic fields are constantly shifting, which needs to be updated on maps every 30 days which means replacing your paper maps every 30 days.

So far they haven’t raised any capital and are not sure they have too, apparently pretty shy and don’t seek press coverage.


The Martin Jetpack – The Jetsons are alive and flying in New Zealand

Martin Jetpack - Credit Martinjetpack.com

Martin Jetpack – Credit Martinjetpack.com

New Zealand is not normally known for its advanced aviation industry, however super hero Glenn Martin has managed to build a prototype of a Jetpack and has managed to get the NZ Government to approve manned test flights.

The company is accepting $5000 deposits for the craft, with an expected price of $100,000 (there is question about the final price)

This is a great way to customer-strap your business by getting your customers to help fund the development process.

I admire a guy who can bring together a project like this. You can imagine the naysayers who probably felt he was crazy, he probably spent every dollar he had on getting this to market and I hope it is a wild success for him.

This is the sort of guy that Startup88 loves 🙂

Martin-Jetpack-three-quarters Martin Jetpack - Pilot





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