µRuler – Sydney based crowdfunded PCB Ruler oversubscribed 1100% on Pozible.com

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Sydney based Dave Jones the editor of Electronics Engineering Video Blog http://www.eevblog.com/ has an awesome crowdfunded project on Australia’s own crowdfunding site Pozible.com.

Since posting the project with a target of raising $2500 he now has 2050 supporters that have pledged over $28,000 (that last $15 was mine)  to order a batch of his µRuler a specialised Electrical Engineering oriented ruler. This is reportedly one of the most successful Pozible.com projects in terms of oversubscription since the Australian based crowdfunding platform launched.




You might ask why you would want one of these, well when you are designing, hacking or generally trying to build something, visualising measurement is a particular problem.

The rule is made from PCB (gives it a sort of geeky cred) with a mask on it and has numerous measurements and useful data for laying our circuit boards and general engineering.

You have a few hours left to order yours here http://www.pozible.com/project/31806

I liked it so much I funded 5 and will give away 4 to readers who email me their best Australian Startup Story Idea – submit your idea here

uRuler - Credit eevblog.com

uRuler – Credit eevblog.com

PCB with testpads

PCB with testpads (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

uRuler - Credit - Pozible.com

uRuler – Credit – Pozible.com



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