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My name is Tony Nguyen - I'm a freelancer, web developer and startups lover!


Startup Name Mockstar
What problem are you solving? Saves development time and cost by outsourcing and automating your mock API requirements, validating your RFP processes, or providing product and project assurance.With Mockstar you can build prototypes / PoCs faster, prove out happy/unhappy scenarios, ensure complex environments work as desired or easily compare different SaaS solutions.
What is your solution? Mockstar is a virtualization platform that allows you to run tests against stubbed environments for the most popular cloud APIs. Simply choose the API, click load and you’re ready to go. Our mocks handle positive (happy path) and negative (unhappy path) scenarios across a wide range of APIs.We handle authentication schemes, signing and time-sensitive calls with ease.You can also write your own privatemocks; generate whole suites of tests from Swagger & RAML definitions; or record and replay interactions using a built-in betamax recorder. We also support sophisticated error scenarios including blackholing, intermittent failure, slowdown, and authentication failure/session timeout without having to write a single line of test code.
Target Market CTOs, senior tech leads, developers, testers, product teams
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Dominic Messenger – FinTech entrepreneur. Software development and architecture in online publishing and video-on-demand.Sebastian Correa – Programme Manager in digital media and video-on-demand.
Founders Names Sebastian Correa
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Twitter Handle @mockstarlet
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Startup Name CrankWheel
What problem are you solving? Selling takes too many phone calls and follow-up meetings. Skip several steps ahead by sharing your screen mid-phonecall.B2B software sales are so much easier when you can give a clean web demo with no preparation needed.

Customers get stuck on your web page or in your app. Visually guide them through how to use it, for shorter support calls.

What is your solution? Instantly share your browser tab or screen with no preparation requiredFree for individual use (including commercial use) for one-on-one screen sharing

5-second install for the agent/presenter

No install for your customer/viewer, even on their mobile

Works on practically every browser on every device

Preview pane lets you see exactly what they are seeing and when

Send your customer a text message (SMS) to let them join by mobile, or ask them to type in an easy URL for your company’s reception lobby, e.g.

Share just your browser tab for clean web demos, or share the full screen or an application window

Mouse pointer highlight when sharing browser tab

Co-branding, unlimited multi-participant screensharing and white labelling available on paid plans

Target Market salespeople, software sales, customer support
How will you make money? Through Sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Jói Sigurdsson, Founder/CEO: 10 years at Google, leading technical teams servicing tens and hundreds of millions of active users of Google Chrome, Google Toolbar and Google Desktop. Co-founder or early C-level employee of several startups.Gilsi Sigvaldason, Co-founder / CCO: 15 years in sales and customer service industries as a sales representative and manager, specialising in new customer sales and keeping existing customers happy. Banking, insurance, real estate, telecommunications.
Founders Names Jói Sigurdsson
Twitter Handle @crankwheel
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Startup Name
What problem are you solving? Digital transformation requires entrepreneurs and enterprises to rethink their processes and how they interact with suppliers and customers. Old school software vendors are competing with SaaS solutions and have to extend or adopt their software licensing business. speeds up the creation process of a web application as a SaaS product. Thus lowering risk, development time, time-to-market and overhead.
What is your solution? Build applications without code by using your allows everyone to turn ideas into powerful applications. Save time by building your application without coding and clicking. Simply chat with Alpha and Alpha will create it for you. The workflow engine is IFTTT with multiple DOs. Choose from a set of twitter bootstrap themes in order to make your web application responsive for any device. Create your application from your existing Excel sheets. Much more helpful features to come. targets agencies, IT-consultants and enterprises who need to build applications fast.

Target Market it-consultants, agencies, developers, people who cannot code
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? is a product of necara gmbh. A technology lab located near Frankfurt in Germany. Necara was founded in February 2015 by Torben Daudistel, Tri Nhan Vu and Thorsten Winternheimer. A team with a good skillset mix of Code, Design and Business. Torben started developing software at the age of 12 and founded his first company two years later. Recently he sold his enterprise hosting business in order to focus on necara. Nhan is the allrounder. Front-end, back-end and growth hacker, you name him. He spent 4 years in Southeast Asia building up teams and international business relations for two startups and is co-founder of Agile Vietnam. Thorsten is a serial entrepreneur running four companies besides necara. He is an advisor and grows businesses like flowers.
Founders Names Torben Daudistel
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Twitter Handle @saas_do
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NewsBeat Social

Startup Name NewsBeat Social
What problem are you solving? Today, not only are we constantly on the go but the world seems to be changing more quickly than we can keep up with. Despite this, we all feel the need to stay informed of the events and topics that shape our world.

By delivering 1-minute video news reports to social media channels, NewsBeat Social ensures that today’s fast-paced, socially-connected audiences have access to news coverage that concisely provides key elements from global news reports so they can stay informed and on the go.

What is your solution? NewsBeat Social is a video-first news agency gathering coverage from around the world and delivering premium, objective 1-minute news reports across social media. NewsBeat Social’s original news reports cover politics, business, science, technology, nature, entertainment, culture and health. In three years, NewsBeat Social attracted over 2.8 million fans on Facebook and its reports have been viewed over 423 million times.
Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? NewsBeat Social was founded by entrepreneur Stanley Fields in 2013. It’s currently led by Mr. Fields and President Geoff Campbell, a former digital media executive at DISH Network and Sony who also previously worked at Boston Consulting Group. The company’s leadership team includes CMO Mary Nickerson, a former national marketing manager at Toyota, where she worked on marketing for Prius; and COO and co-founder Tyler Peterson, who previous founded and led Pod27, a mobile tool for film production.
Founders Names Ashley R
Twitter Handle @NewsBeatSocial
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Startup Name Cliently
What problem are you solving? 1. Lack of stable income
Cliently helps secure more income from finding more projects
2. Hard time finding more work
Cliently helps find new projects in several minutes. Being the first to connect with the customer gives an advantage over millions of other freelancers looking for a new gig.
What is your solution? Our web-based app helps freelancers find new relevant gigs automatically in seconds,
scouring millions of opportunities around the web posted by real companies.
Target Market Freelancers. We are starting with 5 categories for the launch: Marketers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Legal and Developers
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Sales and Marketing
Founders Names Spencer Farber
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Twitter Handle @getcliently
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Startup Name Recharge
What problem are you solving? Right now consuming space is controlled by the supplier, we give that control to the consumer where they can use it for exactly the time they need.
What is your solution? Consume living space for exactly the time you need. You can control your check-in and checkout time. Business travelers, commuters and conference attendees love our service.
Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Pay for living space by the minute.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Our team is led by a group of WashU entrepreneurs who were early at Google(Employee #6), early at Hitch(exited to Lyft) and have invested in Caviar & Secret.
Founders Names Emmanuel Bamfo
Twitter Handle @recharge
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Paper Bullet

Startup Name Paper Bullet
What problem are you solving? Make it easier handle todo list evernote on phone
What is your solution? Simple evernote todo list
Plain text to-do list productivity
Show list view based on checkmark
Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Through Sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? one guy indie developer, develope app with passion. spend his time to create this
Founders Names Edwin Bernadus
Twitter Handle @bernadus_edwin
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Startup Name PullApprove
What problem are you solving? Nobody “needs” to do code review, and they certainly don’t need services like PullApprove in order to do it. It is, however, a well-known fact that code review itself can lead to better developers and stronger teams and products. PullApprove exists to encourage and assist the growing number of developers in making code review a part of their process.
What is your solution? PullApprove is a simple, yet highly effective service for implementing code review with your team. Using PullApprove encourages (and can even require) code review to be a part of your GitHub-based workflow.
Target Market BUSINESS
How will you make money? 14 day trial, $25/month
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Dave Gaeddert is the Lead Developer at Flint Hills Design. His background is in developing custom applications, websites, and platforms for businesses that satisfy their specific needs. In recent years he has developed a strong interest in building tools and services for software developers.
Founders Names Dave Gaeddert
Twitter Handle @pullapprove
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