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Startup Name doVibe
What problem are you solving? Not being able to know; precisely and with ease, exactly what your friends are up-to without having to scroll through loads of spam/irrelevant posts, or having to just text; “Hey, Whatsup? What r u doing?”
What is your solution? doVibe is a social platform that uses interactive elements called ‘vibes’; which are any activity, mood or state of being an individual can get involved in during a day, and by users updating to relevant vibes and their friends doing likewise, they create an amazing avenue with lots of different interaction possibilities.

A user can always know; at a simple glance, exactly what each and everyone of his/her friends are upto, at any given moment, just like Mrs. Weasley of the Harry Potter Book Series when she looked at her clock in her kitchen. At doVibe, we give users that kind of experience and much more, but without the magic of course.

One can know when a friend is at #Work, #Sick, #NeedsaLaugh, or just #Bored, so as they can share with them as relevant to their present ‘vibe’.

Even more relevant is that the user can always know which of his/her friends share the same vibe as them, allowing them to make whatever vibe they have even more fun by sharing with friends doing the same thing. Are you watching #T.V, #Cooking or you just #Bored? You can always know which friends are; say, #Bored like you and maybe you get yourself out of that together.

With other novel elements like Nudge, doVibe aims to offer a one of a kind experience to users in the mobile social space.

Target Market Everyone above the age of 12 years… with Friends
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? doVibe is a brainchild of two Ugandan Brothers in Kampala, Uganda with a love and passion for design, innovation and I.T. Aged 22 & 24 years, they are both graduates of Makerere University, Kampala in Business courses. They are raised by two awesome parents who fought hard to give their sons something they were never lucky enough to have; a complete and proper education.

Mike Wagaba, the younger brother came up with an idea to exploit the ever vibrant night life of Kampala which was later altered and refined to what doVibe is right now. He has a passion for networking, blogging and online networking. He is the extrovert and active brother.

Rogers K. Zimula is the elder brother who when approached by his younger brother about an idea to design since he was a U.I and concept designer by hobby, later altered, refined and designed doVibe to what it is now. He has a passion for design, innovation and invention and always looks to create something new out of simple ideas. He is the introvert and laid back brother.

The brothers developed the app under the guidance and support of two exceptional mentors and a team of brilliant young geeks all with the drive to create a creative, innovative and fun to use social media platform.

Founders Names Mike Wagaba
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Twitter Handle @doVibeApp
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Startup Name Wirkn
What problem are you solving? Wirkn is a candidate-­first solution. We’re helping job seekers in the shift­-based retail, restaurant, and hospitality industry more easily find jobs and pick up relevant skills. The current application experience of walking door-to-door handing in resumes or applying senselessly by shooting resumes to a centralized portal doesn’t work and is wasting the time of both the candidate and employer. In an increasingly part-time world of work, we’re helping fill their seasonal roles and ease the recruitment and screening of candidates.Francois Jobin, former VP HR at ALDO Group and their 1800+ stores, has been watching the problems he’s faced at ALDO towards lower engagement especially with youth. He decided to take the leap and start this venture with the increasing level of mobile penetration, dissatisfaction on both the candidate and employer ends and the HUGE market – 42% of all US workers make less than $15/hr.
What is your solution? Wirkn is an end-to-end mobile employment solution designed to connect the right people with the right job. Pull out your phone, use your GPS, find a job around you, apply with a 30-second dynamic video application, and get personalized recommendations and matches.Wirkn helps retailers and restaurants save time and effort finding and pre-screening qualified candidates, reduce operational costs, and ultimately build a better team. Additionally, through its unique communication and rewards platform, Wirkn empowers employers to build relationships with job applicants and rewards/promotions to candidates that have already shown an affinity for your brand.
Target Market BUSINESS
How will you make money? Free for non profits, government agencies, and single-location stores. Standard pricing of $49/month/location
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? CEO – Derek Szeto: Founder of, Canada’s largest bargain-shopping community. Launched in November 2000 to help Canadians find the best deals online and offline while provides a targeted channel for advertisers to reach Canadian shoppers. RedFlagDeals was acquired by publicly traded Yellow Pages Group in February of 2010. Derek went on to become entrepreneur-in-residence at Kinetic Café in 2012, is an active angel investor, and is now CEO of Wirkn.Co-Founder – Francois Jobin: He first established himself with the ALDO Group back in 2001 as the director of human resources. Bringing with him 16 years of prior work experience, along with an MBA and an educational background in human resources, Jobin soon became vice-president of Human Resources at the ALDO Group.

As well as being responsible for the HR department, Jobin oversaw customer service and government relations. When it comes to his views on business, he believes in keeping things simple in order to achieve optimal results. To reach these goals, he aims to recruit the best individuals to his team and aims to provide them with the greatest possible opportunities. Equipped with these, Jobin believes his team will be able to excel and grow to their fullest potential, in everything they aspire to do.

Co-Founder, CMO – Todd Dean: First joining the ALDO Group in the 1990s, Todd Dean began at store level as a part-time sales associate during his studies. Upon graduation, he joined the head office team until 1999, when he left to pursue a six-year career in consulting. During that time, he worked for STS Consulting, a large systems provider with a focus on the retail market. His clients consisted of Liz Claiborne, Build-A-Bear, Nike and Armani. His education took Dean to study Marketing Management from McGill University and the General Management Program from Harvard University.

As of 2003, he rejoined the ALDO Group family and was soon promoted to the position of director of E-commerce in 2005, where it was his mandate to launch the ALDO transactional website. Eventually, Dean became the ALDO Group’s vice-president of Cross Channel and E-Commerce. Managing the E-commerce business, he was responsible for web marketing and merchandising, online operations and mobile and web analytics, among others functions.

In addition to his operational role as a Vice President of E-commerce, Todd Dean led the Omni Channel Strategy and implementation at the ALDO Group.

Founders Names Susie Pan
Twitter Handle @GetWirkn
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Startup Name Sesame
What problem are you solving? Because ownership matters. Because our modern lives are inundated with noise, notifications, and irrelevancy that a trusted digital agent could solve. Because Personal Messengers can act as trusted intermediaries between other individuals as businesses, able to share more intimate, timely, relevant and valuable information. Because the current digital advertising model — which supports this great thing called the Internet — is 99.9% ineffective; only 0.1% of ads result in a verified purchase. That’s a lot of noise and waste that we don’t need. That’s a lot of untapped potential that a sense of ownership and trust could create, and that’s where we are headed.
What is your solution? Sesame is a messaging app that gives you a self-aware digital assistant to protect messages on your behalf: your own Personal Cognitive Messenger™.Your Cognitive Messenger delivers, monitors, and independently audits your messages according to your own terms and permissions settings (much more than ‘message destructs in X time’). Most importantly, they create a tangible property right in your messages and content, which means you can always take your property back from any device, forever.

With end-to-end encryption and real-time awareness of the changes of state around them, your Cognitive Messenger gives you a new level of security, so you are always aware of what is happening to your messages even after they leave your device.

Our goal is to create a framework for trusted digital communications based on ownership, that enables the sharing of more intimate, timely, relevant–and therefore, valuable—information to the benefit of businesses and individuals alike.

Our current customer is simply anyone who is concerned with digital privacy and security, and believes that they should own their data.

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Personal – free, Professional – $4/seat
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Geoff (Shaw) is probably a lot more interesting than me. He has built cousins of this technology with some of the most brilliant minds of our time in NASA and various U.S. and Allied government applications. He’s maintained the absolute conviction that individuals should own their data and use it as they want to, and that the resulting trust that ownership creates can be immensely commercially valuable.I started out selling bicycles and furniture out of South Africa helping entrepreneurs who lacked access to resources, and the ability to find them. I founded Feed inc. (the cognitive computing company creating Sesame) with Geoff because I saw clearly how trusted digital agents (Cognitive Messengers™) could benefit those I worked with there, and billions all over the world trying to make a way for themselves. Sesame is our first step towards this vision.
Founders Names Mitch Ahlenius
Twitter Handle @SesameChat
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Startup Name Winecrasher
What problem are you solving? Provides a best value proposition for customers – every selection is critically rated and every selection on the website is at the best price in the market.
Helps wineries sell their inventories without making public discounts.
What is your solution? A sales concept that gives the customer all the info about a wine bottle (score, region, grape variety etc), but reveals the label of the wine only after the purchase is complete.
This allows to guarantee the best price in the market for the wine while protecting the winery brands from public discounting.
Target Market consumers, marketers, wine-lovers, travelers, foodies, early adopters
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Founder – Niv Nissenson: With a financial and entrepreneurial background Niv joined the wine industry 5 years ago as CFO of Napa based ultra luxury wine retailer, Soutirage. Exposed to the beautiful world of wine, Niv was intrigued by the unique marketing and economical conditions of the wine market.

Co-Founder & Wine Director – Nancy O’Connell: Passion and longing brought Nancy to the wine world over a decade ago. Crossing the lines between retailers and wineries, Nancy developed a deep understanding of wine market. Great relationships combined with knowledge and experience make for a great wine director.

Founders Names Niv Nissenson
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Twitter Handle @winecrasher
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SDL Language Cloud

Startup Name SDL Language Cloud
What problem are you solving? The SDL Online Translation Editor offers an easy-to-use, dedicated online translation environment that contains a variety of translation-specific tools and features that enable users to produce higher quality translated content faster and more easily. It is ideal for anyone who currently translates ad-hoc content via tools such as word processors or spreadsheet programs and is looking for a smarter, more efficient way to translate.
What is your solution? The SDL Online Translation Editor is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that allows users to translate documents online. It is quick to learn, light-weight and a fast and free way to translate ad-hoc content.
Target Market marketers, secretaries, administrative staff, part-time translators, bilingual professionals
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? SDL plc is a multinational software and professional services company specialized in language translation software and services.
Founders Names Murah Mukundu
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Twitter Handle @SDL
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Startup Name
What problem are you solving? When you’re looking for a great restaurant to go to, your first thought is to go to Yelp to find one. When looking for a hotel, your first thought is to go to TripAdvisor to find one.

However, where do you go when you are looking for a great web designer, an SEO agency, a credit card processing company, or CRM software?

There is no solid experience yet for the B2B and software industry where the companies are ranked based on customer reviews. aims to solve that problem.

What is your solution? is the first buyer’s guide on products and services based on user reviews.When you’re looking for a great restaurant to go to, your first thought is to go to Yelp to find one. When looking for a hotel, your first thought is to go to TripAdvisor to find one.

However, where do you go when you are looking for a great web designer, an SEO agency, a credit card processing company, or CRM software?

There is no solid experience yet for the B2B and software industry where the companies are ranked based on customer reviews. aims to solve that problem.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Cost Per Click
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? is founded by a team of experts within the reviews and ratings industry with over 30 years of combined experience.

Cameron Kriss – VP of Quality Assurance

Cameron works with the team to ensure that features and information on the website meets internal quality assurance standards. He brings four years of experience to the team in settings standards for all stages of engineering, marketing, and communications in the process of rating products and services.

He has an Associate’s in Applied Science Network Management from the International Business College.

Fahmi Adib – VP of Software Development

Fahmi leads the development team of He brings a vision for an interactive platform based on user feedback in order to create a reliable reviews and rankings platform. He brings five years of experience in developing websites and platforms advocating reviews and ratings on products and services.

He has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Gadjah Mada University.

James McQuillin – VP of Marketing Automation

James works directly with ensuring communications and marketing initiatives are handled automatically or with as little human intervention as possible. His guidance in marketing automation provides the team with new ways of communicating with buyers, sellers, and others involved in reviewing.

He has a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Marketing with a minor in Advertising from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Jeev Trika – Investor and Facilitator

Jeev is an investor and a facilitator at CrowdReviews, LLC. His guidance helps move the platform into new directions. He brings 13 years of experience within the reviews and ratings industry and has been personally involved in over 250+ rankings and reviews websites. He is intricately involved with the user experience and the market outreach initiatives of

He has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science & a MBA from Purdue University.

Joshua Moody – VP of Sales

Joshua brings to the team over four years of experience in setting realistic sales goals and expectations within the reviews space. He oversees all operations relating to financial goals and expectations for individual verticals. In addition, he ensures vendors reach a level of verification for the benefit of potential buyers.

Joshua has over thirteen years of experience across the spectrum of sales attainment and retention.

Juneyeta Mattix – VP of Finance

Juneyeta is responsible for managing and implementing financial and accounting processes within the organization. She focuses on ensuring that payment processing, tax obligations, and other financial responsibilities within CrowdReviews, LLC are met. She brings 6 years of experience with her in the reviews and ratings space.

She has a Bachelor’s in Communications Studies and Speech Communications with honors from Ball State University.

Neeraj Kumar – VP of Web Maintenance

Neeraj is responsible for ensuring the continued organization and maintenance of the website. He works together with the web team to ensure spam and issues with functionality are being addressed in a timely manner. He has 10 years of experience in working within the review and ratings industry.

He has a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications from Delhi University.

Samuel Powers – VP of Partner Relations

Samuel is responsible for developing meaningful relationships with influential providers of products and services across a number of verticals. He oversees expansion into new verticals and communications with vendors. He has a background of six years of experience within the reviews and ratings industry.

He has an Associate’s of Science in Business Administration from Ancilla College.

Founders Names Jeev Trika
Twitter Handle @_crowdreviews_
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Startup Name
What problem are you solving? With the ever increasing number of new startups launching and an increasing amount of internal KPI data that can be used to more accurately determine performance, has put in place the infrastructure to allow startups and investors to connect with one another around that data for the purposes of enabling and monitoring investments.
What is your solution? is a data-driven platform for startup founders to directly connect with top early stage investors by sharing real-time access to their software/app’s internal growth data. No need to pitch investors, founders focus on growing their startup while letting their data do the pitching. The platform is 100 percent free.Grow, don’t pitch” is our motto and we believe that access to capital should be based solely on merit and should not be limited by gender, ethnicity, geographic location or any other selection bias. Traction trumps everything!
Target Market BUSINESS
How will you make money? FREE
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Clarence Wooten – Serial Entrepreneur / Investor a small talented team of engineers and a data scientists.
Founders Names Clarence Wooten
Twitter Handle @VentureFundio
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Startup Name RideAmigos
What problem are you solving? 8am M-F. Nearly 80% of commuters are stuck alone in a car
Parking Costs to companies: $40,000/per space over the first 3 years
Driving Costs to commuters: $4,680/year in vehicle costs
Environmental Impact: $360 Billion/annual costs globally on cities and governments
… and it’s expected to get 60% worse by 2030If just 10% of the workforce at Fortune 500 companies used RideAmigos for a better way to work, they’d need 6.75 million less parking spots. That means $229 Billion saved + traffic, pollution, and improved health savings for an urbanizing planet.The world needs a better road.

Over the course of 2014, 7.8% of registered commuters within the Denver Regional Council of Government’ RideAmigos platform converted from always driving alone to carpooling occasionally. 11% of those looking for a transit route tried it. 17% of those looking for bike routes tried it. 1.7% of registered work commuters converted from always driving to van pooling at least one day per week.

Since April 2014, Santa Barbara-based Sonos has offered to pay $600 to each of its 390 employees to buy new bikes and bike gear through the RideAmigos tool. Their goal: to reduce the number of parking spots dedicated to their employees and therefore reduce the number of parking permits to their employees.

Within 60 days, 45% of Sonos employees gave up their parking spots and found a “better way to work”. For a company that rents parking spaces off site to fulfill its employee’s parking needs, that equated to $21,000 in savings per month.

RideAmigos has grown from an idea of empowering people to share taxis, to a comprehensive commuter management tool, aimed at getting people to work joyfully, sustainably, and efficiently. It’s a classic tale of American entrepreneurship. With hard work and their own savings, its founders built a foundation to which still stands today, tall and proud. Some of the most name brand companies in the world are signing on, which is not just a testament to the company’s success, but more so, a testament to the change of direction America is heading.

What is your solution? From cities like Toronto to San Diego, to companies like Hulu and Lionsgate, RideAmigos empowers teams with motivational tools and commuter benefits. The mobility platform gives everyone in an organization instant access to the information they need to make better commuting decisions, and the analytics to prove measurable impact.RideAmigos specializes in multi-modal transportation solutions, providing trip planners, travel dashboards, ridesharing, commuter surveys, trip tracking, gamification, incentives, and GIS reporting tools. The company white labels its platform to municipalities, transit authorities, TMA’s, universities, and companies across North America.

Today, in 2016, with climate change omnipotent and the US dependency on foreign oil undeniable, a shift in responsibility is upon us. Cities and companies alike are viewing how their commuters get to work as an opportunity to create change within their community.

Dramatically reducing parking constraints, increasing ridesharing, and promoting alternative transportation is now a focal point for sustainability managers across the US and Canada. And RideAmigos has the proven tool set to do just that.

Target Market BUSINESS
How will you make money? From several hundred to several thousand dollars per month based on an organization\’s type/size
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Jeffrey Chernick
CEO + Co-Founder
Since launching the company in 2007, Jeffrey has been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC, NY1, New York Post, Newsday, and the LA Times. He is the Chair of the Ridesharing Committee of the Transportation Research Board, Director of Entrepreneurship of the teen foster mentorship program, M4, and sits on the Advisory Board of several tech companies. Prior to starting RideAmigos, Jeffrey helped manage over $10 Billion in short term, fixed income investments for over 200 corporations within Lehman Brothers Cash Management Group. Jeffrey is a graduate of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

Evan Meyer
COO + Co-Founder
Evan analyzes and upgrades/builds all major functions and processes of the organization that require increased performance. His strong communicative ability also compliments the sales realm, expediting the growth RideAmigos has experienced. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the 501(c)3 BeautifyEarth(.org), which through public art, murals, art education, and community engagement, will transform the world’s neglected walls into an opportunity for artists, and

Founders Names Evan Meyer
Twitter Handle @rideamigos
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