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A quick note of thanks to Mike Nicholls (the Ed) for allowing me a wider platform to express my gratitude than I’ve had before. This time last week I was writing these ‘Nailing It’ posts on my Facebook page… Wardy

What is “Nailing It” about?

For those that are new to the ‘Nailing it‘ concept it goes like this…

In my life I come across people, some of which are simply amazing, high-functioning workaholics. That’s not nailing it. Nailing it is when these people also combine non-work excellence, generosity of spirit or cross-functional capability.

“Nailing it” is my way of saluting these high performers.

Lisa Messenger

This week I’m nominating my old flat mate and all round go-getter, Lisa Messenger.

Lisa Messenger - Renegade Collective

Lisa Messenger – Renegade Collective

Lisa has always been high-functioning and certainly doesn’t need any more press. Most recently she launched the Renegade Collective with just under 20 assets, it’s the definition of “new media”. What makes it special though is its flagship asset is a print magazine that counter-cyclically is knocking it out of the park when traditional big wigs are barely holding it together or simply going out of print.


Not only has Lisa developed this business from scratch in effectively 18-months (with no prior magazine experience) she’s getting my nailing it nomination because at the same time she’s improved her familial relations to a point that they are now better than they have been since she entered adolescence. Often entrepreneurs have poor family relationships for precisely the reason they make great entrepreneurs. At a time when Lisa is professionally booming so is she personally.

Lisa has found a love interest and personal relationship that’s her equal. This takes humility and guts. We all know what it’s like to ‘get back on the horse’

Lisa has found time to travel. Not just junkets but real soul-searching, find-yourself-in-awe-of-nature travel – both in Australia and overseas.

Lisa has “laid down” on the tracks for her team



Lisa has managed all this without slipping into vanity or intoxication of one sort or another (be that self-obsession, the bottle or whatever your poison – as we all know, that demon hunts)

For all of these reasons – business and personal – she deserves the recognition of my gratitude.

For the tribe of Renegade Collective who each month get her editors note which, invariably starts with something like ‘I’ve been so blessed…’ She is teaching soul-enriching, business-improving, world-changing practices – she is truly nailing it.

Well done.


andrew-wardAndrew Ward is the CEO of 3 Minute AngelsAustralia’s largest massage company and one of my old fellow members of Entrepreneurs Organisation. +

Andrew is actively involved in shaping the debate on Crowdfunding and has created a community website to help stimulate discussion and formulate a submission for the Australian Crowdfunding Legislation review.

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