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Ed: Terrible pitch but the app looks interesting, website does a much better job of explaining. Wonder how they are going to get around copyright issues. About 7 years ago we did this with a Twitter bot called Jobfeedr that crawled Craig’s list, Monster and CareerOne and had dozens of channels across each US city by job type.

We couldn’t work out how to make money from it, in hindsight probably should have kept going part time while we worked it out because we got 1000s of followers in a really short time but the biggest issue was the Jobsites were not happy…..



Startup Name JobSwipe
What problem are you solving? WHY WE NEED MORE INTELLIGENT SEARCH?20 years ago Google brilliantly built the most comprehensive database in the world, delivering millions of results in a fraction of a second. And today, they still deliver millions of results, 10 per page and it is then over to you the user to sort through those millions of results page-by-page to find what you’re looking for.MEANWHILE…
In the last few years, the way we use the internet has changed, driven by two crucial factors:
Mobile revolution: 5% of searches on mobiles 15 years ago, to 40% today, to estimated 80% in x years
Social media revolution:personalisation,personalisation,personalisation. Everything has or is becoming user-centric.WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?
Search technology hasn’t kept up. It’s no longer fit for purpose, meaning that users are poorly-served.
You can’t see what you want: mobile screens are too small for 10 results per page
It’s frustrating: when scrolling, it’s easy to hit the wrong link, taking you away from your screen
It’s slow: wading through thousands of results takes forever
What is your solution? HOW ITWORKSImagine you shuffle a pack or cards and are looking for the 4 of Diamonds.With a traditional search engines you would get 6 pages of results with 10 cards on each and the last page with 2 cards,The 4 of Diamonds would be somewhere within those and you would scroll through the results on each page. It might take up to 52 results to find the card.With Adswipe’s Intelligent Search, we return the results in a stack and you swipe the top result either left if its not relevant or right of its relevant.

So if the first results was a 10 of spades. You swipe it left and then we re-order the remaining results and remove all the 10’s and all the Spades. The next card is a 5 of Hearts. So all the 5s and all the Hearts go. The next card might be a 8 of Diamonds so we swipe right as its close (its a Diamond) and then everything goes apart from the Diamonds and 8s.

So each time you interact with the search result we reorder the remaining results and improve their relevancy.

Using this method with just the 52 results of a pack of cards you may only need to look at 13 cards instead of 52 (4x faster) but imagine that with millions of results it could be thousands of times faster.

Target Market Consumers and Employers
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Rhys Maddocks has been working in the IT industry for 20 years and has offshore software development experience for the same amount of time. His current business has been grown with no investment to a multi-million pound business and operates out of the UK, Netherlands and India. He has been working in search in the recruitment and property verticals for 15 years.
Founders Names Rhys Maddocks
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
Twitter Handle @TheJobSwipeApp
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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