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Startup Name Sesame
What problem are you solving? Because ownership matters. Because our modern lives are inundated with noise, notifications, and irrelevancy that a trusted digital agent could solve. Because Personal Messengers can act as trusted intermediaries between other individuals as businesses, able to share more intimate, timely, relevant and valuable information. Because the current digital advertising model — which supports this great thing called the Internet — is 99.9% ineffective; only 0.1% of ads result in a verified purchase. That’s a lot of noise and waste that we don’t need. That’s a lot of untapped potential that a sense of ownership and trust could create, and that’s where we are headed.
What is your solution? Sesame is a messaging app that gives you a self-aware digital assistant to protect messages on your behalf: your own Personal Cognitive Messenger™.Your Cognitive Messenger delivers, monitors, and independently audits your messages according to your own terms and permissions settings (much more than ‘message destructs in X time’). Most importantly, they create a tangible property right in your messages and content, which means you can always take your property back from any device, forever.

With end-to-end encryption and real-time awareness of the changes of state around them, your Cognitive Messenger gives you a new level of security, so you are always aware of what is happening to your messages even after they leave your device.

Our goal is to create a framework for trusted digital communications based on ownership, that enables the sharing of more intimate, timely, relevant–and therefore, valuable—information to the benefit of businesses and individuals alike.

Our current customer is simply anyone who is concerned with digital privacy and security, and believes that they should own their data.

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Personal – free, Professional – $4/seat
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Geoff (Shaw) is probably a lot more interesting than me. He has built cousins of this technology with some of the most brilliant minds of our time in NASA and various U.S. and Allied government applications. He’s maintained the absolute conviction that individuals should own their data and use it as they want to, and that the resulting trust that ownership creates can be immensely commercially valuable.I started out selling bicycles and furniture out of South Africa helping entrepreneurs who lacked access to resources, and the ability to find them. I founded Feed inc. (the cognitive computing company creating Sesame) with Geoff because I saw clearly how trusted digital agents (Cognitive Messengers™) could benefit those I worked with there, and billions all over the world trying to make a way for themselves. Sesame is our first step towards this vision.
Founders Names Mitch Ahlenius
Twitter Handle @SesameChat
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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