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Startup Name doVibe
What problem are you solving? Not being able to know; precisely and with ease, exactly what your friends are up-to without having to scroll through loads of spam/irrelevant posts, or having to just text; “Hey, Whatsup? What r u doing?”
What is your solution? doVibe is a social platform that uses interactive elements called ‘vibes’; which are any activity, mood or state of being an individual can get involved in during a day, and by users updating to relevant vibes and their friends doing likewise, they create an amazing avenue with lots of different interaction possibilities.

A user can always know; at a simple glance, exactly what each and everyone of his/her friends are upto, at any given moment, just like Mrs. Weasley of the Harry Potter Book Series when she looked at her clock in her kitchen. At doVibe, we give users that kind of experience and much more, but without the magic of course.

One can know when a friend is at #Work, #Sick, #NeedsaLaugh, or just #Bored, so as they can share with them as relevant to their present ‘vibe’.

Even more relevant is that the user can always know which of his/her friends share the same vibe as them, allowing them to make whatever vibe they have even more fun by sharing with friends doing the same thing. Are you watching #T.V, #Cooking or you just #Bored? You can always know which friends are; say, #Bored like you and maybe you get yourself out of that together.

With other novel elements like Nudge, doVibe aims to offer a one of a kind experience to users in the mobile social space.

Target Market Everyone above the age of 12 years… with Friends
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? doVibe is a brainchild of two Ugandan Brothers in Kampala, Uganda with a love and passion for design, innovation and I.T. Aged 22 & 24 years, they are both graduates of Makerere University, Kampala in Business courses. They are raised by two awesome parents who fought hard to give their sons something they were never lucky enough to have; a complete and proper education.

Mike Wagaba, the younger brother came up with an idea to exploit the ever vibrant night life of Kampala which was later altered and refined to what doVibe is right now. He has a passion for networking, blogging and online networking. He is the extrovert and active brother.

Rogers K. Zimula is the elder brother who when approached by his younger brother about an idea to design since he was a U.I and concept designer by hobby, later altered, refined and designed doVibe to what it is now. He has a passion for design, innovation and invention and always looks to create something new out of simple ideas. He is the introvert and laid back brother.

The brothers developed the app under the guidance and support of two exceptional mentors and a team of brilliant young geeks all with the drive to create a creative, innovative and fun to use social media platform.

Founders Names Mike Wagaba
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Twitter Handle @doVibeApp
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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