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Startup Name Save a Train
What problem are you solving? 1. It’s something we personally experienced and by manually checking, We saved some money
2. SNCF Income for 2014 was 4.3Bil Euro, if only 10% can be renegotiated, that makes it a 400mil euro potentially on the saves scope in france alone.
3. Clean traveling is on the rise in europe. More people from the suburbs or other small cities travel to big cities to study/work and explore, so the number in Bullet number 2 will be on the rise.
4. Tech-risk very low
What is your solution? Save a Train is for people who want to save money and enjoy the latest promotion that this traveling experience can give.Our goal is to make Save a Train the destination website/application that ticket owners will visit right after ordering a train ride, Save a Train will follow your ticket price until you depart and seek for you the best price available, as in everything in life, price goes up and down, we are here to make sure that,for you, the price can always come down.

Save a Train created by 3D-Innotech Venture Studio.

Target Market BUSINESS
How will you make money? FREE
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? 3D-innotech was founded by Mr. Avi Sharir, who is a leader and successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. He both founded and served in high end positions in international companies in media and digital communications developments. Mr. Avi Sharir is a former founder and president of ORAd Hi-Tec Systems, which developed advanced solutions for sports TV broadcasts. Previously served as COO/General Manager at Optrotech Ltd, and VP Tadiran group & President at Communication Group.
Founders Names 3d-Innotech Udi Sharir
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle SaveATrain
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