Linkedin – Skills & Project Verification For Tech Workers

Ed: Great idea, there are some things you just can’t express or demonstrate on your Linkedin profile and profiles are often embellished. allows you establish a record of projects you have worked on and the role you played which is confirmed by the company or project. There is no mechanism on Linkedin to provide this verification of both skills and your actual contribution.

In my case I have run about 10 tech projects that were either short gigs or experiments which are not really suitable to list on Linkedin as a separate jobs which would make sense to list on

Often as a freelancer you might not be directly working for a company but have contributed to the actual product they released, yet remain hidden in the background.

Interestingly as we have seen with large startups such as Facebook, there are often forgotten founders who have been wiped from the company history, wonder if will keep these in place or grey them out slightly.

This is actually a pretty big opportunity which could be extended to all types of engineering, civil, buildings, aircraft, vehicle design, science and other products and projects.

Startup Name
What problem are you solving? Verification of skills and project participation for tech workers: with increasingly complex tech projects and people in more specialised roles than ever before, there’s an abundance of behind-the-scenes experts who are never publicly recognised.
What is your solution? At, we believe everyone deserves recognition. Not just the superstars, but the back-office experts, the testers, the project managers and the two-week contractors – everyone involved should be able to share in the credit of a successful project. is the world’s central ‘about us’ page – part, part IMDb and part LinkedIn.

It’s a permanent record of the tech projects you’ve been involved in, listing the specific role or roles you and your colleagues played.

You can list the ‘deep tech’ behind your project – the actual tools you used to get your job done – including the kind that can’t be determined from looking at the source code.

Finally, provides a whole-of-project ‘Ask Me Anything’ forum, to discuss the big ticket issues facing technology professionals today: why did you choose that technology/stack over another?

How did your project methodology interact with your remote workers? how did your design team stay so well connected with your dev team?

Target Market While the ‘general tech public’ are the ultimate customer, the user base is for all technology professionals – most specifically, the behind-the-scenes experts currently without a voice/forum/platform.
How will you make money? Classic freemium: it’s free to use, free to join and add your content. There is a very minor subscription offer for PRO membership – and increasing tiers for Companies and Technology Providers.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Attribution is something that even Marc Andreessen planned for in the early Netscape browser/editor, with a default ‘Author’ attribute for every web page.

The internet far more complicated that now – yet the tech sector still relies on un-proven personal resumés and un-tested claims as a person’s bona fides.

Digital provenance is vital to the entire tech sector, both for proof of a person’s credentials, but also for personal recognition – and the W3Cs PROV standard, while comprehensive, is overly complex unless tied to a simple platform with a strong network effect –

Andrew Ballard & Will Malak have realised that the problem of attribution starts with a very human need: the desire to be recognised.

Be it for fame & fortune, or just something to be able to show your grandkids – it’s nice to get the credit you deserve.

Founders Names Andrew Ballard (AB) & Will Malak
What type of funding has the company received? Self Funded
Twitter Handle @webcredit
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VeloCV – Your Linkedin Profile Presented In A Visually Pleasing CV Format

Ed: Turns your LinkedIn profile into a stylish looking online CV. I like it I could see myself using it if I was looking for a job, it’s a problem I didn’t know I had or a solution I didn’t know I needed but after using it I think its very useful for job seekers.

There is the risk that LinkedIn will block it or introduce a similar feature because this is their core business but its a nice implementation. Worth Using.

Startup Name VeloCV
What problem are you solving? You think you could just use your LinkedIn profile as your own personal mini website but your LinkedIn’s public profile doesn’t really have the graphic layout that reflects who you are?
What is your solution? One click subscribe to VeloCV, choose your graphic theme and here you have a beautifully designer résumé you can use as your personal home page.
Target Market Professionals Using Linkedin
How will you make money? Premium services like custom domain names and credits removal
Founders Names Fabrizio Balliano
Founders Email [email protected]
What type of funding has the company received? Self Funded
Twitter Handle TheVeloCV

Guy Kawasaki on becoming a Social Media evangelist for your Start-up

Photo by Robert Scoble

This is long but worth listening to, key points

  • If you are thinking of starting a business, get your social media profiles setup now and start blogging and curating content in your space, it will give you 6-12 months to gain followers for when you are ready to go.
  • If you are not getting the occasional complaint about your social media activities you are not pushing hard enough
  • You should be repeating your social media posts (he has data to back this up), especially if you have an international audience who wont necessarily be hanging waiting for your every tweet or go back through your posts to see what they missed.
  • You need to customise your profiles, great photos of you and for the backgrounds/headers on Twitter, Google & Facebook (and now Linkedin) a big photo about an area of interest in your life (sports, photography, places you like etc)
  • 3 Round rule when it comes to arguing with people on social media, you post, they snarkily reply, you reply once and let it go, don’t keep arguing, it just makes you look like an asshole to the rest of your followers, keep moving and ignore them.
  • You have to keep replying to everyone (above rule notwithstanding) keep the conversation going
  • Get tools (I like and HootSuite) to automate and schedule some of the heavy lifting



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