Venux – Encrypted Comms Channels + Secure Storage

Regular readers will recall, I am keen for solutions which offer private citizens the option to protect themselves against hackers and their own Governments. Venux is offering both a person to person secure comms channel and secure file storage.

While Im keen on these solutions I wonder how a consumer assures themselves that the service they use is secure, merely using a service like this would seem to be like using a big honeypot where every hacker both private and State based would be trying to attack the users and the platform.

This sort of service is required, especially when constitutional protections or implied rights to privacy have no meaning anymore, we tend to think of hostile Governments being a developing world issue, but increasingly its a Western world problem as well.

If you want to understand why you need a service like this, look at the Fortinet World Threat Map and see the constant barrage of hacking attacks in real time.

Startup Name Venux
What problem are you solving? A big issue is the security and privacy of personal information. Reports of hack attacks and data breaches are constantly on the news. As the amount of digital data in the universe is growing, vulnerability of unencrypted data is growing. Another issue is the complexity of modern OS architecture which produces compatibility and stability issues, creates a loss in performance, and leaves systems vulnerable to attacks.
What is your solution? All of Venux’s products are based on their completely secure Venux Platform. Optimized to increase performance, the simple architecture makes it standards compliant, extremely efficient, lightweight, responsive and virus-free. The user interface design is intuitive and beautifully executed. The tools you use to browse the web, organize your files, play and share your media, communicate and collaborate have a simple, elegant and integrated look.
Target Market Venux will target anybody that does computing, with a particular focus on those who are seeking digital privacy. Anybody who communicates online, stores digital data, and shares information with others is always at risk, and therefore this segment will be the group that will benefit most from the company’s easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for daily computing.
How will you make money? We will employ the pay-as-you-go and add-on business models. Add-ons expand program functionality while bringing additional revenue streams. Our Add-ons are also competitively priced. The pay-as-you-go model gives users the freedom to make purchases only when they need to without any contracts. Customers can freely use the software and satisfied customers lead to word-of-mouth bringing in additional revenue.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Venux doesn’t store user credentials or personal information and doesn’t use databases or servers. Venux will not have to store important information due to the Company’s proprietary technology, H.I.P.S.™. The Company’s unique encryption service hides information in plain sight, diminishing potential liabilities. Also, Venux offers AVPN (Anonymous Virtual Private Network) that serves competitive advantages in the market.
Founders Names Vlad Kruglyanky, Eugene Nosko
What type of funding has the company received? Angel
Twitter Handle @venux_software
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