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Mar 4, 2017

Which hot 5 startups are pitching at the UNSW Sydney Angels Deal Screening this month?

The Startup Launch program at UNSW has gone through several evolutions since its humble beginnings in 2013, originally branded Startup Games and run across four weekends each March. Since then the team behind it has strengthened and the program has grown into three streams which will run four times per year from 2017;

The Validation stream is most similar to the original version of the program and sees new teams form and incubate their ideas across 6 weeks. Next, the Growth stream is for those teams that survive and graduate from the validation stage and finally the Scale & Investment stream, which kicked off in January 2017, is for the top few percent of startups that are [...]

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Dec 14, 2016

UNSW injects $750k into Startup Programs in 2016 with larger plans for 2017

UNSW has released an additional $750k in funding for Startup Programs largely managed by the Student Entrepreneur Development team within UNSW Innovations. The investment will see flagship program Startup Launch (previously known as Startup Games boasting alumni including IoT startup Forcite Helmet Systems and fintech company, Dime) transform from a pre-accelerator program into a program for more established startups. Meanwhile, other existing programs like Startup China, Innovation Dojo and the New Wave initiative for female entrepreneurs will substantially increase in scale and become more robust.

Another program to benefit from the upgrade is the Corporate Startup [...]

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Nov 23, 2016

Top talent selected for Innovation Dojo program

This week 21 applicants from a pool of 50 attendees of last months Innovation Dojo program Info Evening last month were confirmed a place in the program which will see them form new startup teams during an intense 9-day bootcamp hosted by Haymarket HQ, Sydneys Asia-focused co-working space who have partnered with the program. The group is diverse, and unlike many similar programs that attempt to form teams with the Silicon Valley derived formula of “hipster (designer), hacker (computer science engineer) and hustler (marketing and sales front person)”, Innovation Dojo introduces a new element to each team in the form of someone with strong foreign language skills and [...]

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Mar 23, 2016

Startup Launch program final at UNSW – Thursday March 31!

Something special happens every March on the weekends at UNSW.

30 students and alumni, who have been selected through a competitive application process spend their full weekends (and any time they have in between), forming new teams, identifying “problems that matter” and working through a lean startup based process with mentors to actually launch their startup within a month.

An iteration on the popular and successful UNSW Startup Games program, Startup Launch is far from a game. It might be fun but it is a serious program designed to launch new startups. Each year several participants drop out during the course of the program due to the commitment [...]

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