Shenzhen Hardware Hacker Scene – Key People & Places

Guest Post: Martin Pasquier If you were waiting for a sign that China has changed and is an amazing huge thing adapting to the new industrial revolution, Shenzhen hosting a Maker Faire is probably a good sign. Take what was a fishing village 30 years ago, with 200-300 000 inhabitants. Credit: Chris  CC Create a special economic zone to

Is this the best place in the world to prototype hardware? Visiting Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the best city in the world for Makers, Hackers and anyone who needs to build physical product. After two visits I am convinced you are crazy to build electronics or hardware in any other part of the world. I just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It was my first

Eighty Nine Robotics

Startup Name Eighty Nine Robotics What problem are you solving? Existing fixed cameras or telepresence solutions don\’t have the mobility that a flying camera drone does. If something is out of range or out of focus, you\’re out of luck. Rook solves this by streaming video through the cloud, right to your phone, with easy