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Nov 21, 2013

Freelancer’s ASX Debut – Share Price soars 5x on a listing PE of 463 – under or overpriced?

Freelancer made its debut on the ASX last week. Initially listing at $0.50 the company’s share price skyrocketed to $2.60 and finally closed at $1.60.

Matt Barrie – Credit:

Matt Barrie, the company’s CEO and founder, had announced Freelancer’s intention to list at the Startup Spring Entrepreneurship event.

His decision to not sell the company to the Japanese recruiting firm Recruit Co. at $430 Million earlier this year may have paid off when the companies market cap rose to $697 Million on its first day of trading 5x the $218 Million that it expected to achieve with [...]

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Nov 12, 2013

Tech23 2013 Winners

Tech23 Celebrating InnovationSource:

Tech23 the popular annual tech conference run by Slattery IT announced its 2013 major category winners last week. The 23 participating startups each made a 5 minute pitch in front of a crowd of investors and entrepreneurs.

The Jeva PrototypeSource:




The Innovation Excellence Award for 2013 went to 2Mar Robotics; a company that specializes in manufacturing robotic arms for people with spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s, etc. The robotic arm can be controlled with speech [...]

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Oct 26, 2013 – Coke’s Big Data Startup Competition – The Quest for Big Data, Solutions and Entrepreneurship

Crunch data from 3 years of CCA shipments

This warehouse is emptied every two days. A few small changes to operations can make a huge difference.

Franki Chamaki

Coke’s Sydney Startup Accelerator Team is launching a novel big data competition called The team which was founded by Franki Chamaki and Jason Hosking has launched a number of really interesting initiatives over the last six months, centred around solving real meaty problems for Coke and creating new business opportunities and partnerships with startups.

The Sydney Firehose Big Data Startup [...]

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