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Adhipster – Collaborative Social Media Advertising Exchange

Ed: I spent about 30 minutes using this yesterday, it’s basically an exchange where advertisers can earn credits by sharing other advertisers ads and then have their own ads shared based by other advertisers.

The app is pretty slick, not sure how much traffic or exposure I have received as the reporting is still very lightweight but I do like the fact you can choose the ads you want to share, as I would not want ads shared that I had not vetted.


It seemed to have reasonable depth of users and inventory, what wasn’t clear was if the algo took into account how many people you were sharing with to boost your credits.


It also creates really nice Twitter cards, which not all businesses are able to access yet.

Could be a good short term growth hack for startups before it gets crowded.


Startup Name


What problem are you solving? Exposing your brand or product to more people on social media.
What is your solution? AdHipster is a free social media cross-promotion tool. People share your ad for free, you share theirs in return.
Why is this a great opportunity? Reach more people on social media.
Target Market Marketers, growthhackers, social media experts, SEO experts
How will you make money? Subscriptions, Advertisement
Founders Names Team of social media marketing and web development professionals
What type of funding has the company received Bootstrapped/self funded