Andrew Ward is the CEO of 3 Minute Angels Australia’s largest massage company and one of my old fellow members of Entrepreneurs Organisation. + Andrew is actively involved in shaping the debate on Crowdfunding and has created a community website www.csef-Australia.com.au to help stimulate discussion and formulate a submission for the Australian Crowdfunding Legislation review. We all know him as Wardy

James Stevens is Nailing It


This Weeks Nailing It goes to James Stevens of Roses Only fame.

Roses Only Singapore


Back in 2002, I was very nervous. I was about to meet James Stevens to pitch my new business. When James finally came in the room I realized how big he was. Broad across the shoulders like a rugby player with a barrel chest, strong face, direct and bullish language, he was someone that clearly meant business.

The opposite of how one might normally imagine a florist. This weeks Nailing It goes to James because his composure is legendary – he is a family man, do’er, mentor and business success.

James is an astute businessman who last year engineered an exit of the Australian operations of his business Roses Only – a significant capital event that means he could retire and live well. But he negotiated his retention of the Roses Only business in Singapore and the UK. These give him the ability to repeat his success in other countries.

The family originally started with Florist Shops selling flowers around the railway stations at Town Hall with his father who he continued with when he launched Roses Only as a standalone business.

Roses Only Kent St

Roses Only Kent St

When I asked James what’s keeping him busy now that he hasn’t got Roses Only Australia to manage, at first talked about his family, his 12 year old and 16-year old kids, he talked about his mother who is still reeling from the loss of James’ father – her husband – last year.

James and Son


We shared war stories over doing long haul flights to chaperone our mothers in foreign countries. It made me realize he walks the walk when he says its family number 1 and then business number 2.

Another example of his family first and business second philosophy comes up is when he talks about how he wants to have created kids that have a strong work ethic and strong sense of family, that contribute to society, and do what they love and don’t “fall” into the family business – they can join, but it must be something they love.

When I press James on what else is keeping him busy he relates to me that he’s been involved with the setup of David Jones Flowers. Knowing the brand loyalty that David Jones has inspired in so many of my parents age, I think David Jones doing flowers makes perfect sense and could be a winner in a good demographic that’s constantly going to funerals..

He also talks how he’s taken an active role and invested some growth capital into a Melbourne based business Bockers & Pony that does high end to luxury hampers in the gifting market.

He tells me it’s a great fit where he can add his considerable experience to a company that already shares his high standards on quality and presentation.

James is a mentor with 4 different organisations including being on the Advisory Council for the business faculty of UNSW. I’m starting to think James has increased his tempo and so I press him with another question: what’s the difference between James Steven now and James Stevens 12 months ago.

He says in his completely direct manner “Now I’ve got capital”. I get the feeling he is going to use it to do more and not to retire with.

Our conversations can ramble on which thrills me of course because I can learn more. We start talking about cancer having mutual interest in the subject, myself with Rare Cancers Australia and him as a Director of the Leukemia Foundation.

My appreciation for just how amazing James’ is grows as I learn that he’s been in the role with the Leukemia Foundation since the late nineties and has supported them with Roses Only for the same time. I can only hope the new owners of Roses Only do too.

James is an excellent communicator and he would say negotiating is one of his key strengths. When we talked recently he articulated his negotiating strategy which included stuff at the beginning like “be interested”, “listen” and other such bits of gold but when he concluded it with “then pounce” it gave me a great insight into the way James thinks.

Moyes Stevens Florists

Moyses Stevens Florists

Starting with the way his Greek ancestry shaped him, through to how his parents business educated him, past the contradiction of him being so masculine in a feminine luxury market for flowers, all the way through the 14 years I’ve known him right to the current day – James is playing a game.

I think when you see this in James you can tell he loves playing the game, he gets joy in doing it well and ultimately doing it right.

For me it’s how James can play the game of business so directly so succinctly and so well, balanced with his sincere belief in strong family values and spending time. James you are Nailing It. Thanks for your example of hard work and discipline and for keeping us all real and accountable. You’re an inspiration.

Ed: I too have my own memories of being welcomed into Young Entrepreneurs Organisation by James and his mentoring sessions and generosity to his fellow entrepreneurs. James was there long before us and has now graduated to Young Presidents Organisation , Wardy and I joined when it was still called Young Entrepreneurs Organisation but we all started to get too old so they changed the name to Entrepreneurs Organisation which is now over 10,000 members globally with over $536 billion in combined revenue, James was the local President and on the board for a few years.


I can highly recommend EO and it was all the better for James contributions.

More info on Entrepreneurs Organisation here – FactsHow to Join


Dominic Green is Nailing it

This weeks Nailing It goes to Dominic Green. I first met him through my brother (David) some 5 years ago in Dubbo (Regional NSW).

Full disclosure: I am one of Dominic’s clients, he did a lot of the work in drafting my Crowdfunding Legislation Reform submission to CAMAC.

At that stage Dominic had left the big city lights where he was a recently graduated lawyer and economist studying carbon accounting.

Dominic Green - Green & Associates

Dominic Green – Green & Associates

In the “bush” he was able to exercise his brain on the many evolving carbon and renewable energy projects taking place West of the great divide.

He started pioneering legal work on carbon sequestration through pyrolysis (burning plant waste in the absence of oxygen) among other things.

Dominic was young, brash and direct. He had a career as a male model under his belt so his presence in a country town along with his ex-model fiancé was noticed.

After the breakdown of his relationship he returned to Sydney where his litigation and broad skills were more in demand. But being seen as inexperienced he started at the bottom of the food chain.

He quickly rose through the ranks to become the company top earner and whilst he wanted to become a Partner there was “no room at the inn”.

So he upped and left to start his own firm Green & Associates.

The firm he’s created is startup friendly with fixed price, win-only fees or variable fees as the client needs. This flexible, client-friendly nature reflects Dom’s desire (impatience) to get things done.

From representing alleged criminals to startups he truly has one of the most interesting case-loads and day-to-days of anyone I’ve met.

It is rumoured he jointly represented two bitter rivals that took the legal and non-violent path to reclaiming money from someone that owed them both. This person could only have the funds if he proved the existence of an artwork in his possession was authentic.

This verification was long and complicated but eventually resulted in a sale and in turn repayment to the rivals. Dominic was said to have managed all the parties through the transaction.

But Dominic is not all about wheeling and dealing, he has done pro bono work for environmental regeneration charities and more recently has assisted me with drafting crowd-sourced equity funding (CSEF) legislation.

This inspired his tag line: law in black, white and green. On top of his legal work he is also privately developing resorts in Indonesia and dating some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Whilst this type of nailing it contrasts with the usually wholesome family-raising qualities espoused by this column, I can still recognise (as most would) that in the world Dominic occupies he is definitely nailing it.

For your environmental work, legal brain and social nous, thank you for helping me and others like me – you are nailing it.

Darren Doherty and Lisa Heenan are Nailing It

This week we’re looking at another couple that are ‘Nailing It’. They might just be doing the most important job in the world at the moment by leading a group called Regrarians. The Regrarians are a movement of “land stewards” that seek to work with nature and technology to increase food production, nutritional density in our food system, profitability in agriculture and improving local ecology.

I first met Darren Doherty and his amazing wife Lisa Heenan at FACETS in 2012. Darren gave the most hopeful and practical talk of the day.

(FACETS were a series of TEDx-styled regional events that my brother and I created that covered thought leadership on Food, Agriculture, Climate, Energy, Topsoil and Sustainability) .

Darren and Lisa have a big goal, Darren says: “Our primary responsibility is to the regenerative enhancement of the biosphere’s ecosystem processes (Regen10). Our secondary responsibility is to provide the potential for people to be informed about the regenerative economy (Regrarians Media)”.

And they’re busy doing it. Darren has designed & developed over 1300, mostly broadacre, projects across 5 continents in 36 countries. Some of these have been HUGE like the million hectare property in WA or the Sustainable Cacao Agroforestry System (SCAS) project for Mars Inc in Vietnam (2004-2007).

So when most people are paralysed by fear, or living in denial about the state of our food system, Darren and Lisa are getting regenerative agricultural practices implemented by farmers in developed and developing nations. These good-for-the-environment farmers are growing “amazing produce” profitably and reliably. The people eating the “amazing produce” are having near-spiritual realisations about their (re)connection with the land that it was grown on. In turn, creating a regenerative economy where engaged consumers support regenerative producers. Its good for the environment (locally and globally) and good for people.


Lisa, Darren, Costa Georgardis & Andreas

Lisa, Darren, Costa Georgardis & Andreas

Darren and Lisa have teamed up with Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms. Joel Salatin was called the ‘most innovative farmer in the world’ by Time Magazine and featured in the movie Food Inc.

If farmers were as popular as musicians – Joel would be Bono.

People like Darren and Lisa know how to keep good company. But they value no company higher than their own family. Check out the terms of trade on their website and you’ll see you can’t get Darren for overseas work unless you also get Lisa and the 3 kids.

Heenandoherty family

This policy hasn’t put any legitimate customers off. In fact it shows the family behind the Regen10 system ‘living their values’. The “Regrarians” (the followers of Darren and Regen10) community is growing month-on-month as concerns with our food chain are going mainstream.

It’s a long time since Darren and Lisa started their first business making salad mix out of 10 different lettuces from their garden with some calendula flowers and pansies thrown in.

It’s a long time since Bill Mollison (co-originator of Permaculture) described Darren as the “Future of Permaculture”, because of his dedication to broad acre work.

It’s a long time since Darren articulated the critical importance of soil carbon in sequestering atmospheric carbon pollution through the agency of regenerative agriculture.

It’s a long time since they did their first tour (they bet their house on an audience showing up). But the signs that “persistence pays” are now showing up all over the place.

The tour they started in 2007 has been repeated in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014 is happening right now.

Doherty family now

Each tour the whole family goes on and as the kids have aged they have bought new dimensions with them to the tour.

The whole family are currently in Ibiza for the start of their 5-month World Tour 2014. Darren hopes to spend a couple of weeks finishing his book,”Regrarians” and Lisa, Isaebella and Andreas will be doing more filming of projects, especially getting the final footage for “Polyfaces”. Check out the Trailer.

The HeenanDoherty family is dedicated to making the world a better place for all of its organisms and landscapes and they do it with good cheer, low maintenance and no nonsense. They are definitely on the right track, as are those who are working alongside them across the world…

The Founding Regrarians – Darren and Lisa – you are Nailing It. And, thank you so much for doing so. I feel a little better knowing you guys are in the world making a difference.

Brent Williams is Nailing It


This weeks Nailing It is dedicated to Brent Williams, public speaker & entrepreneur.

Brent was one of the entrepreneurs (like Dale Beaumont and Grant Lewers) that I met through a con artist. The con artist didn’t call himself that – he was a “Businessman” – and on the speakers circuit for the good of us. “To help us break free of the 95% and live like the 5% do”. We got good sales training, but also valuable lessons in what not to do. Our pay was non-existent but for a while there motivation was high.


It was during this time that Brent Williams and Dale Beaumont teamed up to deliver basic personal development seminars for teens so that they could have “the world at their feet”. By 19 years of age, they had written the book on it, literally called The World at Your Feet’.

Today that first program has evolved into EmpowerU. Tomorrows Youth (the company) provides training of EmpowerU to schools and organised public groups nationally and internationally. They train around 10,000 students a year and provide them with confidence, practical skills and curiosity. More than once, when a staff member at 3 Minute Angels has impressed me, I have then found out that they attended EmpowerU as a teen.

Just for this work I really admire Brent. He has been at this for nearly 18-years and still visibly gets a buzz from delivering programs to teens.

His ‘other’ career is as a Property Developer. Splash Property was born in 2008-9 at the lowest point in the US residential market. Brent got into the markets and helped others to do the same. As time has progressed the markets held persistently low and he had to hold his nerve. The markets only recently seemed to turn and his portfolio return is now finally growing. I’m not in the real estate market at all, but I get that he has just pulled off a real estate ‘move’ in a foreign country – and that’s pretty ballsy for a side career.

His ‘other other’ career is his great love – Film Directing. Ever since I first met Brent he has been going on-and-on about his love of films. He is like ‘Margaret and David’, combined with IMDb, when it comes to his movie knowledge. He recounts movie scenes with near perfect accents and facial expressions. I recall this blonde-haired, bean-pole, of-a-man, doing Princess Leia impressions from Star Wars.


When I met with him last week, he was telling me about his company, Indianc Pictures. The ordeal it has been writing, drafting and preparing his first feature length film (5 drafts). Funding, budgeting, modelling shot costs and details that are infinitesimally planned, negotiating with actors, writers, production companies – he’s constantly trying to put a million pieces of a jigsaw together.

Although he’s done a dozen or more short films and picked up a few awards along the way its not “real” for him until his first feature film, Turning Point, is finally made.

Yet more reasons I think Brent is Nailing It is because he has found time to make mistakes and fix them. He has managed to travel and play club-level sport each weekend (and get to some training sessions). He has always maintained friends with people and you never feel like you’re part of his database. He is so easy to get along with (and such a good listener) that most teens, property developers and other film-makers he deals with probably have no idea about his other careers.

Brent and Boy

Apart from managing 3 heavy distinct businesses, Brent has found time to fall in love with a Canadian girl (The lovely Val), get married, have a baby and buy a home.

It gives me comfort to know that teens are getting taught by a person who saw a terrible example from the con-artist who introduced us and personally went on the journey of creating a better example to pass on too the next generation. It’s what we all hope drives anyone that is teaching our kids.

I hope all your hard work continues to pay off. Brent Williams – you are Nailing It.

Graham and Cathy Finlayson are Nailing It

This Weeks ‘Nailing It’ is the powerhouse duo – Graham and Cathy Finlayson. Graham and Cathy may not have the profile of entrepreneurship that our readers are used to. They don’t code, their investors aren’t previous dot.com “winners”, but that’s about where the differences end.

When I left the cattle properties they manage on behalf of Sustainable Land Management on Friday, Graham made the following comments.

beef cattle australia photoPhoto by J-Sav

“We have now got 11,000 cattle. But when we finish this last piece of fencing and water, we’ll be able to run 40,000 head of cattle”

(Bore water is used as the average rainfall is only 13 inches)

“We were carrying twice the stocking rate of the district average through the drought and we’ve halved the costs of production per kilo of beef. Now it’s rained we can put the foot down”.

That means that by the end of July 2014 – they’re running about 16 times more efficiently than their neighbors!

Graham and Cathy have only been in the role for 12-months. The company they work for, Sustainable Land Management, has only existed for 2 years.

Regenerating The Landscape

Regenerating The Landscape

Graham and Cathy own Bokhara Plains, 7,200 Hectares of open plains country nestled between the Bokhara and Birrie rivers, 35kms North of Brewarrina in the NSW outback. This farm is running well despite not receiving any rain for 18-months – they still have stock.

Their neighbours by comparison are talking about walking off farms that have been in their family for 100 years.

Back when Graham and Cathy started out, they started attending courses on rural tourism. Then they started Bokhara Hutz on their cattle station. The accommodation was clean and comfortable. The food and service offering was a perfect fit. Nightly they served slow-cooked, salt-bush lamb and freshly made dampers. For the many travelling professionals (health care, accountants and government types) that were interested in the far-west catchment. Bokhara Hutz was the only place worth staying within 250km radius.

In their first year of operations they had 850 “night-stays”. The next year they doubled this. The following year, they tripled it again. All the growth came from word-of-mouth, free press and a very simple-format website.

Bokhara Hutz Accommodation

What Graham liked best was that it was farm income and diversification that didn’t stop them running more stock. What Cathy liked best was that everyone who came to stay, loved it. Cathy says: “They learned something from us and we learned something from them”.

Sadly, Bokhara Hutz was put on ice just a year ago when Graham and Cathy moved into their current role managing 480,000 Hectares mostly in South West Queensland.

Somewhere during Grahams career he got the nick-name “Grant” because he was excellent at applying and getting grants that were available to innovative ideas around water and conservation, pest reduction and weeds.

Innovation looks remarkably like common-sense, but not all farmers took the opportunities. Graham did simple things like capping the free flowing bores (bores are pumps pulling up water in naturally occurring underground aquifers).

The water from the bores is then piped to where the stock are at any given time. This instead of letting the water flow across hundreds of km’s through “bore-drains”. Where most of the water simply evaporated away. And open water sources like dams and bore-drains give feral animals (there are lots of them – pigs, goats, foxes, camels, cats, rabbits and donkeys) a source of water. This cap-and-pipe system would largely be paid for by efficiency gains in the first couple of years and was topped up with a grant.

By 2005 the innovation on Bokhara Plains was so well recognised that Graham was awarded the NSW Young Farmer Of The Year. In 2007 he was awarded the prestigious Nuffield Scholarship, which is awarded annually by the industry to the person with greatest potential to transform agriculture.

They started hosting events for the Western Catchment Management Authority (CMA) and took on the role of teaching and mentoring other graziers that wanted to learn how they could increase their farm diversity and profitability. So far Graham has led dozens of young farmers to better results through education.

Graham and Cathy not only knock it out of the park in their professional lives they also have the most amazing family life. They have been married well over 20 years and still look at each other like teenagers in love for the first time.

As an example of their family-centric common sense. Unlike so many farm families (including my own) that wait to when the kids are home from school to help (for free) with the big work – (like musters or shearing) – Graham and Cathy took holidays during the kids holidays so the farm was not at peak work times but at peak relax times. Cathy says of this: “most farmers never take holidays and then wonder why their kids don’t want to be in agriculture”.

Finlayson Family

It’s testament to them that they continue to travel, have fun, book holidays and make a great living through planning. It’s there planning skills that gives them the same degree of certainty over where the cattle will be grazing in 1-day, 1-month or 4-months time. As Cathy says with a big genuine smile on her face: “We’re certainly people that like to have goals and work towards them”.

To help any of our readers that don’t have a context for the level of what Graham and Cathy have achieved. You need to know that most people in the Western CMA have had to de-stock completely, are in debt and are 68 years of age with no succession plan.

Graham and Cathy Finlayson, you guys are so, ‘Nailing It’. You are a credit to agriculture and represent a newer, more dynamic paradigm – of working with nature, of great stewardship of the soil, of low-stress stock handling of planning and of making a profit doing what you love in a way that’s most simply described as – “better”.

Jonathan Barouch – Nailing It

Jonathan Barouch (“JB”) is ‘Nailing It‘ and in my opinion what makes him really special is the grace with which he does it.

His back-story is worth knowing too. So let me take you through a quick history…

A 16-year old JB started a florist business (Fast Flowers) because he wanted to buy his year-10 formal partner flowers online and couldn’t.

His hard work paid off when he was promoted on the popular TV show, ‘Money’ and his site and story was such an instant hit, it crashed the servers.

This mad rush as a young bloke meant he developed time management and communication skills when most of us were sleeping through it and grunting at our parents.

There’s a proud stereotype for entrepreneurs like me who didn’t finish university. We think, it’s enough to be “street smart”. Not Jonathan, he is book smart too.

Fast Flowers grew whilst Jonathon was at Uni, where he completed 3 bachelor degrees and 2 Masters degrees. And he fitted in getting married, travelling the world and being a mid-twenties bloke in fast-moving Sydney. Through all this he never looked like raising a sweat. Just smiling along.

JB Photo
Jonathon had his first big pay-day with the sale of Fast Flowers to Jack Singleton and friends at 1300 Flowers. This gave him time, which he didn’t waste. He was planning his next adventure.

It wasn’t too long before he partnered with the publicly listed Salmat and started Roamz a location-based social media advertising platform. Roamz was a success, but JB deftly pivoted the business into its current form – Local Measure.

Local Measure is taking corporate marketing departments by storm. Check out Qantas talking them up below. The business is almost elegant, it’s so good.
1. It’s great technology
2. It’s well sold
3. To a customer that feels the pain and
4. To a customer that can afford to pay

Compare this to most startups and you get to see why JB deserves my nomination for Nailing It. I don’t know his financials, but I’m sure they’re good.

However, Jonathan is not boastful or anything. In fact the opposite is true. He goes out of his way to help others.

For a long time he has volunteered his resources to the Young Business Forum and his countless other industry engagements. In doing so he has acted as a sounding board, advisor, mentor and guru to huge numbers of this Australias’ entrepreneurs.

Personally I hold his opinion to be gospel on so much, but it’s not just me. Jonathan is regularly commenting on behalf of the startup ecosystem.

His book smarts and street smarts makes him a fascinating guest for mainstream media. This ABC Interview analysing the budget shows a compelling example of his comfort under pressure and huge brain.

Yes, JB is hugely driven, smart, talented and deserves praise for these traits. But it is his grace that is just amazing. He is as cool in the spotlight as out of it. He holds his own opinion, but always listens to others. He shows respect to everyone regardless of who they are and his eagerness to help those that are helping themselves is second to none.

He is just ‘Nailing It’ and just for good measure when he’s not running his business, helping others with theirs, being a Dad and a spokesman for the industry, he is a Director of Sydney Story Factory a not-for-profit helping children with creative writing and expression.

JB, thank you for the example you provide.

Nailing It – Ashton Bishop

This weeks’ Nailing it is dedicated to predatory marketing guru: Ashton Bishop.

Ashton started Step Change Marketing 4-years ago and immediately went about creating the sort of work for his agency as he’d want to deliver for clients.

This sort of “Do as I do, (not just as I say)” attitude is noticeably absent from most marketing companies.

A funny and poignant advertisement they created called “no wankers” told job hopefuls what they were looking for in staffing. It remains one of the most viewed videos on Mumbrella.

ED: This made me laugh (I don’t LOL or ROFL)

To get clients for their startup agency they opted for a live event strategy, where Ash and his team could prove their worth. Stump The Strategist was born on the premise – give us your juiciest marketing problems and we have 9 minutes to solve it.

The live audience determines if the problem is solved or if the strategists are stumped.

Both initiatives were effective, cheap and connected to their brand. This and hard work has meant the Agency has won the following accolades.

– Anthill – Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia – 2013
– AdNews Awards – Finalist – Small Agency of the Year 2013
– AdNews Awards – Finalist – Specialist Agency of the Year 2013
– Mumbrella Awards – Finalist – Specialist Agency of the Year 2014

At the same time Ash won the following personal accolades.

– TEC Speaker of the Year 2013
– TEC Best New Speaker 2011-12

At the same time as running his business at 300%+ year-on-year, developing award-winning work and growing the team, Ash found time to create the worlds most prolific cartoon using crowd sourcing. – Eric the Circle.

But, to be ‘nailing it’, you have to do more than demonstrate business success.

His 2 adorable children were born at the same time as growing his startup. In my experience a startup business is easier than a startup human.

Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 12.30.26 PM

It’s not all been beer and skittles, Ash’s dealt with the loss of his mentor RU OK Day founder Gavin Larkin. He’s undergone multiple hospitalizations related to injuries and rehabilitation from a past life as a black belt martial artist.

Ashton maintains this amazing brain and work ethic under a simple, informal, funny and composed demeanor. He never complains about his full book and always returns calls. He gets my nomination this week because of his integrity.

He doesn’t talk about clients achieving massive improvements in theoretical terms, he embodies what it takes to achieve phenomenal business and personal growth.

To this end, I’m really excited to see how his next venture “Agent Yang” will go. It’s related to Step Change Marketing and hopefully will have even great success.

Ash you are “nailing it” – no matter how the next venture goes. I salute you. Thank you for your example


Nailing It – Lisa Messenger

A quick note of thanks to Mike Nicholls (the Ed) for allowing me a wider platform to express my gratitude than I’ve had before. This time last week I was writing these ‘Nailing It’ posts on my Facebook page… Wardy

What is “Nailing It” about?

For those that are new to the ‘Nailing it‘ concept it goes like this…

In my life I come across people, some of which are simply amazing, high-functioning workaholics. That’s not nailing it. Nailing it is when these people also combine non-work excellence, generosity of spirit or cross-functional capability.

“Nailing it” is my way of saluting these high performers.

Lisa Messenger

This week I’m nominating my old flat mate and all round go-getter, Lisa Messenger.

Lisa Messenger - Renegade Collective

Lisa Messenger – Renegade Collective

Lisa has always been high-functioning and certainly doesn’t need any more press. Most recently she launched the Renegade Collective with just under 20 assets, it’s the definition of “new media”. What makes it special though is its flagship asset is a print magazine that counter-cyclically is knocking it out of the park when traditional big wigs are barely holding it together or simply going out of print.


Not only has Lisa developed this business from scratch in effectively 18-months (with no prior magazine experience) she’s getting my nailing it nomination because at the same time she’s improved her familial relations to a point that they are now better than they have been since she entered adolescence. Often entrepreneurs have poor family relationships for precisely the reason they make great entrepreneurs. At a time when Lisa is professionally booming so is she personally.

Lisa has found a love interest and personal relationship that’s her equal. This takes humility and guts. We all know what it’s like to ‘get back on the horse’

Lisa has found time to travel. Not just junkets but real soul-searching, find-yourself-in-awe-of-nature travel – both in Australia and overseas.

Lisa has “laid down” on the tracks for her team



Lisa has managed all this without slipping into vanity or intoxication of one sort or another (be that self-obsession, the bottle or whatever your poison – as we all know, that demon hunts)

For all of these reasons – business and personal – she deserves the recognition of my gratitude.

For the tribe of Renegade Collective who each month get her editors note which, invariably starts with something like ‘I’ve been so blessed…’ She is teaching soul-enriching, business-improving, world-changing practices – she is truly nailing it.

Well done.


andrew-wardAndrew Ward is the CEO of 3 Minute AngelsAustralia’s largest massage company and one of my old fellow members of Entrepreneurs Organisation. +

Andrew is actively involved in shaping the debate on Crowdfunding and has created a community website www.csef-Australia.com.au to help stimulate discussion and formulate a submission for the Australian Crowdfunding Legislation review.

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